Part two of HP dream.. I wanna see if I can make it into a storyline.

My father, Maximillian. 'Oh how I miss te both.' 'they're always with you.' Sirius said. 'oh that is so cliche. Been there done that. Be a hero, moral fiber crap.' 'Fred, stop that right now.' Are a whole bunch of dead people really having a court in my head? I gotta wake up. I feel a pair of lips on my forehead. Cold, uninviting. Draco. I open my eyelids, and he jumps back in surprise. 
'What in the name of all things fruity and soft are te doing to me?!?' 
'Im sorry.' he stammered. 'ive always loved you. And since I though te were dead, I would baciare you.' 
Wow. I kissed his cheek. 'Goodbye, Draco.' 
'Goodbye' he whispered. 
I staggered over to meet voldemort. Then i woke up. 
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