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posted by invadercalliope
Hi i'm InvaderCalliope glad to meet you!
Today i'm going on an interview!
Reporter: Ok InvaderCalliope time for the interview
InvaderCalliope: uh-huh
Reporter: Ok first domanda what's your fave show?
InvaderCalliope: easy Invader Zim!
Reporter: Ok so what type of libri do te read?
InvaderCalliope: manga!
Reporter:so what type of person are you?
InvaderCalliope: Oh an otaku and a hard worker!
Reporter: Ok what fashion d te go for on a normal day?
InvaderCalliope: I mostly try to go for the Gothic style!
Reporter:What do te like to hum o sing?
InvaderCalliope: THE DOOM SONG!
Reporter:So whats your fave foot ware?
InvaderCalliope: BOOTS!
The End!
I’m in disarray
I’m unkempt
And I Amore te sugar
Yeah this is what te do
When te run your fingers through my hair
In the morning I’m feeling like a sexy superstar

Wow, wow
You rock my party
Wanna make te stay
You’re the only one that keeps me Canto la la la
I Amore to smell your t-shirt
I like the way te are
But most of all I like it, like it

I like what te do to my hair
Who knew that looking a mess could feel so good
I like what te do to my hair
Toss it and tease it
Run your fingers through it
Oh how te do it

Now go and mess it up, mess it up
Baby mess it up
Mess it up, mess it up
Do it till I can’t...
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posted by canal
Hands fell on my shoulders and pulled me into an embrace. "You see Aliya, my cuore beats unlike Jonathan's, Mason's , o Kody's" he detto his breath heavy on my neck. "Be quiet" I yelled. Heavy footsteps echoed through the house. "Aliya" many voices yelled in unison.
"A disparu sans laisser de traces, il n'en reste aucun souvenir " he said. We vanished into another room. "Just let me go" I said. "Oh how I pity you, te pathetic thing" he detto stroking my hair. "I'm not pathetic" I detto pushing him back. "Do te know how old I am" he asked. "Eighty" I made a random guess. "No, not even close I'm...
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Mm, oh
I feel oh so glamorous, looking super fabulous
Sometimes I’m insecure, something I can’t ignore
All the flashy cameras, try my best to handle it
I’m just the girl successivo door, I can hear the rumors take off
All the girls in the club got their eyes on me
I can tell da the look that they want to be
Be hot, hot, hot like that
But it’s not, not, no it’s not like that
All the girls in the club got their eyes on me
They put me down ‘cause of jealousy
But I’m not, not, I’m not that girl
And it’s not, not, no it’s not my world
So many girls be checkin’ my style
Checkin’ my style, checkin’...
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posted by akatsuki_lover9
The death combo
chapter 1

It was just a normal giorno for Scourge. Taking care of Bloodclan. “i think I'll go hunt” mewed scourge. He walked in twolegplace, searching for something edible. When he was about to give up he saw it, a plump scoiattolo on an empty thunderpath. He stalked it slowly. Right before he could pounce the a shadow fell on the scoiattolo and it ran away. Scourge turned over to the one who cast the shadow. 'hey you, I was about to catch that!” but when scourge saw the one who did it he froze. It was no cat who scared off his prey. It was a strange creature. A cat sized green...
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posted by XxKeithHarkinxX
whats with the icon!
John Stamso
Uncle Jesse
who is that!
fine.... is he a pornstar...
are te sure?
..... full house?
why do te like him
he's sexi
exact way i'm with phillip phillips
you wanna know whos sexy...... link
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posted by hetaliaitaly
It's just so easy, for them to watch te bleed.
You never expected them to care, so its a feeling of mystery.
Whether you're thankful for the freedom, o hate that they don't care at all,
It's all a Lost deep feeling, and it almost hurts while te fall.
But secretly, te dont mind
the way te tumble to the ground and fall.
because te know soon te will hit,
and the end will be waiting to be found.
But until then, the sharp will be there. The blade will be all te need.
It's not like anyone else is there for you, so your fears and regrets are left to bleed.
Rip apart your feeling of pure imperfection,...
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posted by numnumyellow67
Here is a story of what happened when I went with my Mum to the place prom was going to be.

I was there with my two older sisters, and a guy came up to change the trash bags.
"Hey, we should stalk him and see what he does", my secondo eldest sister said.
She was kidding, but I didn't care.
"Time to commence mission 118", I detto into my wrist watch that didn't exist.
I followed him into a room down the hall, well I didn't go in. If I did he would have saw me for sure, so I hid around the corner.
He came out and walked past me, standing successivo to a bacheca recitazione casual.
I followed him out into a different...
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posted by gurlygurl123
Ok it was about 6:30am and i was going to my car to
go to school.Suddenly a figure pops up at my dads
bedroom window.Then it holds my stepmams phone up and it lights her eyes up.WEll i jumped back and screamed.My dad just kept looking up at the window.
Then the figure held the phone up to her ear and my dad got a phone call it was off my step mam.My dad looked up again.The figure pointed at the phone.My dad answerd it.
It was my stepmam saying i had forgotton my jumper
but the way i jumped back was histerical i like leaped back and screamed at the superiore, in alto of my lungs
Sam was in her room listening to her "Victorious"CD.
"And one day!I'll have te begging on your knees for me!Ya one day!I'll have te crawling like a centipede."Sam Sung."KEEP IT DOWN!!!"Aaron yelled.
"So oh mister player,do te feel like the man now?And I bet your nervous,'cause this song makes te freak out."Sam whispered."SAM!YOUR FRIEND CHLOE IS HERE!"Mom yelled."Coming!!"Sam ran to the door.
"Hey Chloe whats" "Shut up,shut up for just a minute!Look at this!"Chloe interrupted."Hello to te too?"Sam said."Go to your room!My mom showed me the Natale gifts they'll have at school!"Chloe told...
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My Life:
I'm 18 years old,Blond hair,My name is Jade,my grandparents are dead(duh!!!)My dad was divorced!My mom really only cares about my baby brother,Matthew,and when I ask if she loves me...Well...This is what I get:
"Mom.Do te Amore me?" "That's nice dear,Hey can te bring me some Medicine??"Mom would ALWAYS answer LIKE THAT!Good thing I'm gonna celebrate Natale With my Cousin!So what if I didn't tell her!I'm still going!Already Booked a plane!Anyways!After the aftermath of My mom and her Head ache!I always went to my friend,Charlotte's apartment.Yeah!I did tonight,not much happening there.I...
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"Okay Josie,try Natalie Marlene's house,you detto she was always saying they would kill her cause she spread s rumor,Right?"Asked Detective Joe."Yeah!Thanks again Joe!"Josie detto as she grabbed her keys.--------------------------------------------
Josie Knocked on Natalie's door."Who IS IT?"Natalie asked."FBI OPEN THE DOOR!OR I'LL BUST IT OPEN!"Josie said.Natalie opened the door."Josie!!Did te hear 'bout Kate?"Natalie asked.
"That's why I'm here Natalie!I Think te killed her cause te always detto te would kill her!!!"Josie Said."I DIDN'T MEAN IT LITERARY!!!I don't know where she lives!"Natalie...
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Sam:COME ON!!!
Emma:Yeah!!Come on do it!
Me:*Guilty*uh!!Oh what the jack crap FINE!!!
Both:YES!!*Hugs me*Abby!!!Really?!!?!?!
Me:What do I have to lose?
Emma:That's the spirit?
Sam:What will te sing??TELL ME!!
Sam:Really!That is the best song!
Emma:Lets go practice!
Me:I regret this already!
I of course play keyboard,Emma played Guitar,Sam played drums,
Me:And any snide remarks from my father about your tatoos will be ignored,Cause my cuore is yours.
Emma:GREAT!Perfect!We are all ready!
Sam:NO!We keep practicing!Come on from the top!
Me:Elevator Buttons and Morning air,Strangers' silence makes...
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posted by invadercalliope
I hope te are getting use to this mostra cuz I am!
Well todays specail guest is......Angry monkey!
Angry Monkey:Gir
Invader Calliope:Did te say something!
Angry Monkey:Uh nothing s-sorry.
Invader Calliope:Well it looks like the Angry Monkey is'nt use to interviews!He must be nervous because of all the people watching!
Angry Monkey:*scared*
Invader Calliope:So anyway wait we are all outta time well BYE EVERYONE!I hope te enjoy the picture!
The End!
posted by Insane4ever
Its sunday morning 5 pm..i mean am...damn it....charly mc picknose was just getting out of bed

charly: *gets up,rubs eyes n opens eyes*...aaaaaah!!...what the hell lary....whatcha doing in mah room!!?!???!??!
(lary bonerhead was charlys best friend)
lary:actualy this is my room,you fell unconcious at the middle of the party
charly:what party,i grigio, dun remember anything
rock:the best party ever!!!!how do te not remember it
(rock....idk his last name,no one knows...is a party crasher,he will sneek into any party)
lary:what the hell!!!how did i not notice te rock
rock: oh i was sleeping in your bushes outside your house
jarry:rock....you idiot
(jarry lick a lot is...well...everyones friend,everyone knows him n everyone respects him....)
rock:no te are the idiot,idiot
(....exept rock)
jarry:how am i the idiot,i didnt sleep in the bushes....i slept in your dog house.....

End of part 1
posted by 7things
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i saw this over the weekend with others and died laughing.
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