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Mauserfan1910 detto …
I finally got my stupid fucking husband to talk. He's upset because his Thunderbird won't shift into 4th gear and he can't afford to fix it
Okay, I do feel a little bad for him because that car is important to him, but seriously, all this for that? I'd fucking slap him if that weren't straight up abuse postato ·15 minuti fa
legend_of_roxas detto …
I can't hear te I'm in the skyyyy! postato un’ora fa
kingcesar67 commentato…
*becomes airborne* I could hear te from underground ·45 minuti fa
legend_of_roxas commentato…
Go back to your gopher hole, demon! *gives kingcesar a parachute* ·35 minuti fa
Mauserfan1910 detto …
It's official, I'm going to take a truck to Kansas City tomorrow. I'm just going to leave, I won't tell my husband because if he can give me the silent treatment I can do it to him too postato ·9 ore fa
zanhar1 commentato…
Damn son. That's savage. I'd at least tell someone that you're going in case te run into trouble. ·5 ore fa
Mauserfan1910 commentato…
Well, everyone on the ranch will know ·4 ore fa