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1012jackson detto …
To the girls here: There can never be a più beautiful te than you

To the guys here: There can never be a better te than te postato un’ora fa
8theGreat detto …
Alright so if te care 0% about me and/or my Soul Eater obsession from 2011-2012 then feel free to ignore this post

I'm revisiting the series for the first time in a couple of years now and I'm taking notes of some of my thoughts/opinions from seeing it as an adult. If anyone is interested in that sort of thing o just likes this sort of long form content its on my club.
No pressure to check it out if te don't want, I'm doing it to reflect so it won't hurt me if no one cares. postato ·3 ore fa
8theGreat commentato…
link ·3 ore fa
8theGreat commentato…
Just bringing it up 'cause I will probably reference it at one point o another. And who knows someone might be interested in it. I myself like dumb, long, esoteric essays about complete stranger's personal experiences with media I've never seen, so maybe someone who's as insane as I am could enjoy it. ·3 ore fa
8theGreat commentato…
Plus theres the fact that my obsession was pretty.... uh.... infamous on this club at the time and had a uh..... cult? Was going to say cult following but nah it was a cult. I know at least a couple of te remember that lol. ·3 ore fa
Shukuya commentato…
I think its cool ·10 minuti fa
springely detto …
When te think of absolute fuoco lines and forget them on the way home. postato ·4 ore fa