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la scelta dei fan: Brown
la scelta dei fan: 5. Irisviel von Einzbern (Fate/Zero)
la scelta dei fan: I don't like/know any of them.
la scelta dei fan: Dido's White Flag
la scelta dei fan: Harley Quinn (Batman)
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Riku114 detto …
Well Imma get fucked in the culo da a 60% weighted final. postato un’ora fa
Riku114 commentato…
Which wouldnt be a huge deal if either A) I didnt get a C+ on the last midterm because of one stupid calculation error (cause I would have otherwise gotten an A) and B ) If I wasnt learning from fucking textbook because my professor has an accent te cant fucking understand un’ora fa
Riku114 commentato…
What a fucking giorno ruiner. un’ora fa
2ntyOnePilots detto …
I would like to make a friendly request that everyone call me da my name.
(Jay) idk 2nty is just too formal an$ I consider te guys friends! postato ·5 ore fa
Riku114 commentato…
Kay ghiandaia, jay ·5 ore fa
2ntyOnePilots commentato…
Thx ·4 ore fa
TheLefteris24 commentato…
No, problem, Jay-Jay !!!! un’ora fa
wantadog detto …
OH JUST GREAT. When I'm playing da myself I can do Bloodborne literally out of the corner of my eye as I focus mostly on a stream I'm watching. But when I'M streaming, I am a whet Bloodborne virgin postato ·5 ore fa