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Mauserfan1910 detto …
Can I have your guys' attention for a second?

I owe the entire site an apology. This isn't about the PNDOT prez zanharchy thing, but about how I reacted to hearing about people not liking it. I know te all know me for my anger management issues, but I don't want to use that as an excuse, and if it begins to sound like I am, please just mass segnala me because I don't belong here. I don't belong among all te fine fanpoppers... postato ·3 ore fa
Mauserfan1910 commentato…
I don't deserve to be among te people who have treated me like a friend when I turn around and treat te like dirt. Making an angry bacheca post about it was uncalled for, rude, and straight up bullying to te people, people who would not have done the same to me. I'm so sorry, I wish I could undo it but now I can only hope for some measure of forgiveness. ·3 ore fa
Mauserfan1910 commentato…
Specifically to Zeppie: te were one of the people who expressed discontent with the political satire thing that I blew up at. I owe te a personal apology and I will be making sure te get the chance to see this post. I'm sorry, I was wrong, I hope my terrible actions haven't destroyed any respect te might have had for me. ·3 ore fa
zanhar1 commentato…
Basically what I'm saying is complessivamente, generale (with some hiccups) everyone is handling things pretty well. And I think te are too Mauser; it takes balls to admit you're wrong and apologize so openly. I respect that. And I don't want to see te gone form the site. You're a hilarious and fun person. te felt hurt so te detto some mean things back. NGL I had this whole rant typed out and ready to post that was basically a massive calloutish thing. Because I felt hurt. I understand how te felt man. So don't be too hard on yourself. It takes più than one person to create a shit mostra like we had lol. un’ora fa
legend_of_roxas detto …
I want to complain about memes, but if I do people will just post memes. The internet is a cruel place. postato ·4 ore fa
candylover246 commentato…
Welcome to the Internet. ·2 ore fa
candylover246 commentato…
We only offer the finest memes you'll ever see. ·2 ore fa
zanhar1 commentato…
link ·55 minuti fa
kingcesar67 detto …
Be a superhero/supervillain!!!!!! unisciti today!! postato ·5 ore fa
legend_of_roxas commentato…
I want to be a superhero, but the power that I want is so villainous that I could never be one. ·4 ore fa
kingcesar67 commentato…
What power would that be? ·4 ore fa
legend_of_roxas commentato…
Taking people's voices. When I first thought of it I thought it was a totally original idea, but then I remembered Ursula could do that. XD ·3 ore fa