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posted by Thekingofbreads
U guys know this isn't really Daniel Bryan right? It's actually GoatfaceWWE as Him. The reason I did this is cause pizza told me to so u guys wouldn't hate me but As it turns out He tried to do the same to me but it backfired cause he's a FUCKING STUPIDHEAD! he left a post on my bacheca saying how he could get his old account back but when I didn't answer him he tried to say he was ariana Grande cause he knows I do that. He also was the nyakers cause he's a bully and A backstabber. After he thought I fell for it but i didn't I was playing him along he tried to be other people cause he thought He was believable but joke was on him the whole time so now if u see someone who doesn't leave a name but say their someone just know their not and that it's Pizzafan.
ok too the people that pizzafan has hurt i and someone else know what te are someone else

1.he can not be trusted and he just mean

2.he hurt many people

3.never say te alone

4.he make up lies

5.he made up things about people me and called people names

6.never let him hurt te if he does come to someone me and kingofbreads we are here

ok so if te been hurt da him come tell me and someone there are people out there let stop him from hurting use we are not dum and if he detto this to te come out with your word and speak out don't let him stay thing and they get in your head .......
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