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ShadowFan100 detto …
Pluto is a planet, change my mind. postato ·3 mesi fa
Karoii-chan commentato…
It certainly is, but it's just a bit too small to be considered normal. That's why we call it a dwarf planet. Nothing more, nothing less! un mese fa
PsychoTeddy detto …
I would Amore to go to space! But, I'm hesitated if I'm going to be a psychiatrist o an astronaut. postato più di un anno fa
BJsRealm commentato…
Apparently our friend PsychoTeddy has left both fanpop & planet Earth. Let's hope he o she is an astronaut somewhere in space, discovering the unknown universe più di un anno fa
BJsRealm commentato…
We definitely need più astronauts. Too many psychiatrists on Earth anyway! più di un anno fa
DarkGirI27 detto …
I wanna be a space-person o-o
Hello, World! Heh.Heh. postato più di un anno fa