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I decided to post this articolo just so that I can clear something up that has been literally bothering me for quite some time. I have seen many Delena fan going around on all of the social sites, and forum and they have managed to label their ship “Twin Flames”. Now, I admit, every time I see such a thing, I really do get strongly irritated and annoyed because it couldn’t be farther from the truth. And also, many Delena fan like to call Stelena just “Soulmates”. Well, I’m here to tell te that it’s not as simple as it sounds in regards to Stelena, and Stelena are not just “Soulmates”....
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posted by mitchie19

► The episode number is not yet confirmed.
► giorno 1 in the writers room for TVD Season Five: April 15, 2013.
► According to Julie Plec, Silas should be present in Season Five.
► A few new characters will be introduced this season. After graduation, Elena, Jeremy, Bonnie, Matt, Caroline & Tyler will start interacting with some new faces.
► There will be ample opportunity for some characters from TVD and The Originals to sposta between shows on occasion.
► Katherine will be a significant part of this season, just as she was in Season 2.
► Bonnie will remain...
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posted by princess_16
I'm not here to talk about how Stefan Salvatore loves Elena Gilbert more, o deserves here più than anyone else. I'm here to mostra te Stefan and Elena trough my eyes. I'm here to mostra te what happens when that moving picture enters my brain trough my eyes and travels to my heart.

Stefan Salvatore, even as a human, was motivated and guided da love. Love, happiness, affection, respect, loyalty were some of the feelings that were most distinct about him. He respected his father, loved his brother. And then, he fell in Amore with a vampire. Stefan did not know Katherine Pierce is a vampire when...
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Basically a lista of all the reasons why Stefan and Elena belong together, feel free to put other reasons in your commenti and I'll add them and maybe someday the titolo will change to 1,000 o so reasons why...:)

1. Stefan and Elena are freaking EPIC
2. "I know what I want. Stefan I Amore you."
3. We met. We talked. It was EPIC.
4. Have te seen his abs?
5. She trusts him
6. He would never do anything to hurt her
7. Chemistry
8. He loves her so much
9. She loves him too
10. They own dancing
11. He brang her flowers
12. She accepted that he was a vamp
13. She cares about Damon, but she LOVES Stefan
14. She...
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Interviewer: Was there a dibattito in the writer's room as to whether she would choose Stefan o Damon in this episode, o did te always agree that it would be Stefan?

Julie Plec: We were heading toward the end of the road knowing that as a human, Stefan was Elena's choice. We also knew what was going to happen at the end of the episode. Elena is no longer a human when she wakes up and when the memories come back and when her whole life goes upside-down. Who's to say what that does to her? Who's to say what kind of person she becomes, and how that impacts who she loves and why she loves them? I'm not saying that's going to send her running instantly into Damon's arms, absolutely not, but it's going to nube, nuvola the issue even more.
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Although we Bamon fan never thought we'd reach the giorno we Lost faith in our ship happening, I think its sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza to say at this point we know the writers have NO intention in making them happen. And as much as you'll all hate to read me state this... it's clear they're setting up for a Delena/Steroline endgame rather than a Bamon/Stelena endgame as the libri intended. But seeing how dumb this mostra has gotten and knowing the writers simply write whatever they feel the majority of the fan want even if it makes no sense... then I think that means we Bamon & Even Stelena fan still have a very...
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posted by princess_16
We all know TVD is not one of those teen drama shows. Yes, te have people who are still in HS, and who sometimes, act like kids. But te also have 160 anno old Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. who are not your typical every giorno guys.

TVD is not One albero Hill, o Gossip Girl, o Dawson's Creek. Stefan would never cheat on Elena, and if she ever leaves him, he's not going to turn to the first girl that smiles to him. The great tragedy of his character is that he's this amazing guy who has a lot to offer and every girl would be lucky to have him (vampire o not), but he has eyes for only one girl, Elena. Even if she...
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The only thing Elena wanted is to eat. Cibo she used to Amore was not that attractive to her at the moment, and sometimes she got strong cravings for Cibo she used to hate. Suddenly, she found herself wanting to eat Cibo she didn't eat in years, in the most unexpected situations. There were times when she woke Stefan in the middle of the night, because she wanted to eat ice cream, and he had to walk to the town to buy ice cream in one of those stores that work 24/7, only to find Elena asleep when he came back. He couldn't help but smile. For the first time there was Cibo in the cucina in the...
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