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la scelta dei fan: Lapis Lazuli
la scelta dei fan: Padparadscha
la scelta dei fan: Topaz
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melvin26 detto …
One più he was caught cuz he dont want his Friends to be caught so he told aqua marine that he was rose quartz .. and he was brought to home world trial .. like in a jury where steven was intrusted with a lawyer, a defender .. where lawyer explain to the diamond how ounk diamond died but there was no proof that rose killed rosa diamond.. stevens lawyer explain how did rose shatterd pnk diamond .. she detto how can rose alone infultrated pnk diamonds place with guard and everygem postato ·11 mesi fa
melvin26 detto …
ciao everyone .. im new here. Have te watch the new episodes where steven Caught himself da aqua marine and topaz in episode stuck together so cool .. topaz was a girl when fuse . And on lars head episode where his hair is white like lions mane cuz steven healed him cuz he died.. . Then his body turn rosa and his hair is white.. is this mean lion died a long time fa and rose healed him? And one più steven can go on his mother secret place da using lars head like lion .. im wo excited on s5ep5 postato ·11 mesi fa
garnetmeup detto …
ciao i thought of a cool idea for a game . they should make a undertale version of steven universe but the story line will be diffrent adnthe attakc methed will be the sma ebut ht emoves are diffent. if te like to hear mor eabout this reply syaing yes please say yes cuas ei Amore to hsre hts to the steven univers ean dundertlae fan also sorr yofr bad ytping postato ·11 mesi fa