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la scelta dei fan: Lydia
la scelta dei fan: Season 2
la scelta dei fan: I Amore Danny!
la scelta dei fan: I Amore Derek so much.I cry everytime he gets hurt
la scelta dei fan: I hope Stiles finds a girl who really cares about him in s3!
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1 fan ha risposto a questa domanda
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Spikefan74 detto …
I am a new fan of Teen lupo and finished binge watching the series! Sadly found out this is the last season. This is my new preferito mostra too. postato ·3 mesi fa
emmyken detto …
Please sign our petition for other networks and the cast, writers and creators to consider keeping the mostra alive past season six! postato ·3 mesi fa
Articuno224 commentato…
I'm pretty sure there is no chance of that happening, since they already made it official that the mostra WILL end... But I have signed it anyway, if there would actually be a tiny chance of it going further then I support that! ·3 mesi fa
Nobody101010 detto …
Anyone else still crying tears of unisciti from the end of season 5 when the memory of Alyson saved scott postato ·4 mesi fa