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la scelta dei fan: cuscino Fight
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la scelta dei fan: George
la scelta dei fan: Both Were Equally As Good
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Rubyrings detto …
I will write a new Beatles fanfiction soon, and there is a sondaggio on my personal fan club to help me decide which one. At the moment it's in a tie. In three days the sondaggio closes; one più vote could decide! postato ·9 ore fa
ktichenor detto …
Happy birthday John! Thank te for making the world a better place with your smile and music! postato ·11 giorni fa
80smusiclover1 commentato…
I can't agree more. Thank te for everything, John! ·10 giorni fa
yorkshire_rose commentato…
Beautifully detto :) ·10 giorni fa
80smusiclover1 detto …
Happy birthday, John! I Amore te very much. postato ·12 giorni fa
ChiliPepperLuv commentato…
From me, too! I Amore te to fragola Fields and back! I'm going to celebrate the giorno da listening to a Beatles album, probably Help! ·12 giorni fa
ktichenor commentato…
Amore you, John! Happy birthday! :) ·12 giorni fa
RocknRollSoul60 commentato…
That's a brilliant way to celebrate. Help! is a really good album. ·12 giorni fa
Rubyrings commentato…
It's my favourite album! I was just listening to "Honey Don't" as I came here. This online radio station has a bunch of channels selected specifically for John's birthday! It makes up for the Google homepage having nothing for John :( ·11 giorni fa