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XxSmudgexX detto …
I was at a Sleepover like, 6 weeks ago, and we were so CIKED about seeing Dark Shadows, but we couldn't go. So the only other movie we were allowed to see was 'The Pirates! Band of Misfits'. On the way back to sleep her house, We wouldn't SHUT UP about it. LUV IT NOW!
MARTIN FREEMAN =))) postato più di un anno fa
TigerShark123 detto …
te do know it's actually called The Pirates! In an adventure with scientists postato più di un anno fa
AnimeFan66 commentato…
Yes I am. It's called that in the UK, but in the U.S. it's called Band of Misfits. più di un anno fa
AwsomeBeast123 commentato…
Thats sooooo good film! più di un anno fa
TigerShark123 commentato…
I know dude in it più di un anno fa
hgfan5602 detto …
Can someone give me a summary of this movie? Thanks! postato più di un anno fa
lbk717 commentato…
Check out the trailer I just postato più di un anno fa
hgfan5602 commentato…
ok thanks! più di un anno fa