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posted by pattykirsche
This is a surrealistic short story with some sensuality. It's a book fanfic. It's about Damon and his personality. Not suitable for readers under thirteen years.

“Oooooh... Gorgeous!” Bonnie said.
Damon had his head in her lap and she was stroking his hair. He opened his eyes to see an exquisite maiden looking at him with warm brown eyes.
“He is absolutely gorgeous. That’s why I’ve always been drawn to him.” Elena said.
Damon lifted his head and saw her tender blue eyes. She was holding his left hand.
“Are te feeling any better?” Meredith asked.
Damon couldn’t believe. The dark haired beauty was talking to him. There was real concern in her voice. And her eyes were so sweet…
“Meredith?” Damon said. “What happened?”
“We found te wounded in the woods. We brought te here, so we could take care of you.” Meredith answered and gave him a baciare on the cheek.
Damon was dizzy. He felt there was something wrong about that. Meredith had never been affected da his charm.
His expression must have shown his confusion, because Meredith added. “I’ve always wanted to be yours. I was just scared.”
Of course, how could Meredith be immune to his charm? That’s it; she was so scared she had been pretending all the time. She had been hiding her true feelings from him.
“I’ve always known it, my beauty.” Damon said.
Meredith smiled, and so did Elena and Bonnie. The three girls were sat on the letto and all of them had affectionately touched him.
“I’m thirsty.” Damon said.
“Of course te are!” Bonnie detto and kissed his lips. “That’s why we’re here!”
“So te can feed on us.” Elena explained.
Damon left Bonnie’s lap and sat on the letto astonished.
“Are te serious?” he asked.
Elena hugged him and whispered into his ear. “Of course I am.”
“You can feed on me whenever te want.” Meredith said.
“We’re at your disposal.” Bonnie said.
“You really don’t mind sharing me?” Damon asked.
“Of course we don’t! We belong to you!” Bonnie answered and snuggled up to him.
Since Bonnie and Elena were holding him, Meredith lay her head on his lap. He stroke Bonnie’s red curls, Elena’s golden hair and Meredith’s soft face.
His girls.
“How can I decide which one I am going to bite first?” Damon asked.
“It’s your choice.” Elena answered.
“You won’t get jealous?” Damon asked.
“Of course we won’t! We Amore each other. We’re like sisters!” Bonnie said.
Damon smelled the three of them; so delicious and so full of secrets. It was really hard to choose, but he had already tasted Elena’s blood. And he had already kissed Bonnie.
“I’ll start with Meredith.” Damon said.
Elena and Bonnie kissed his face and left the room.
Meredith remained on his lap. All he had to do was bring her lips closer, so he could baciare her.
The baciare was awesome. Meredith melted in his arms and her surrender was like an award for him.
He left her parted lips to bite her neck. He could hear Meredith’s moans while the warm blood filled his mouth.
He didn’t drink much. He knew he still had two other maidens.
Meredith opened her eyes. He was stroking her dark hair.
“You are delicious.” Damon detto and kissed her hand.
Meredith smiled.
“I’ll have Bonnie now.” Damon said.
“I’ll tell her to come in.” Meredith detto and left the room.
Bonnie came in. She was wearing a beautiful golden collana with a bird pendant.
Damon held her in his arms and laid her on the bed. Bonnie giggled. He stroked her face and kissed her mouth slowly and tenderly.
“I’ll take off your necklace.” Damon said.
“That’s okay.” Bonnie said.
Damon took off her collana and put it on the bed. He unbuttoned her camicia and planted several kisses all over her skin. When he reached the neck, he nuzzled a little. Bonnie stroked his dark hair.
He bit her.
Her blood was sweet. Sweet like Bonnie, Damon thought.
When he stopped drinking, he kissed her neck one più time and moved away to see her face.
“You’re so precious…” Damon said.
Bonnie smiled and blinked her heart-melting eyes. Damon couldn’t resist and kissed her lips again.
“Could te tell Elena to come in?” Damon asked.
“Sure.” Bonnie detto and left the room.
Elena came in. Her blond hair was like a golden waterfall. She sat on the letto close to Damon. He held her in his arms and kissed her. She completely yielded to him.
He bit her neck and tasted her blood. Her heartbeat was strong against his chest.
The room started to whirl. Suddenly he couldn’t hold Elena anymore. She was fading away. There was mist all over the place.
“Elena?” Damon called.
Elena smiled.

Damon opened his eyes. The sun was shining through the window. He was alone on the bed.
“Quite a dream!” Damon detto to himself and smirked. He pulled the sheet and heard a noise. He felt something cold against his skin.
His hand took the object. He opened his fingers to see a beautiful collana with a bird pendant.
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