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Article by cherry7878 posted più di un anno fa
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I live with my dad and brother i dont have a mom i killed her while she was giving birth to dad and brother never let me forget they torture me with it all the time.Ive never had a real bf ive never been in Amore lond enough i guess.So that means im a virgin and proud of it.
I met an old friend and we started getting to know eachother once agine he never changed always a sweetheart i injoyed his company and loved being near him but just 4 days fa he raped me.he ripped my virginity from me and left me there on the bedroom floor in blood and cring.
I havent been to the dr and dont wont to go but i cant eat and im always also having bad nightmares of it i relive it every night and yes i think about suicide everyday and wished i had died with my mom.