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Canada24 detto …
Interesting fact... Trevor Phillips being Canadian was improvised due to Steven's Canadian accent.. And he was considered to be called Simon.. Witch Steve later uses as the name his Walking Dead character.. Also, Steve detto that Trevor wouldn't last long in Walking Dead. He's "too crazy" to make rational decisions.. postato un mese fa
Canada24 detto …
I hope we see più Simon... Because Trevor Phillips XD postato un mese fa
Simmeh commentato…
YES!!! 😂😂😂 un mese fa
Simmeh detto …
Is fanpop dying o something? Where is everyone? postato ·3 mesi fa
misanthrope86 commentato…
I feel like this spot is pretty active... link ·3 mesi fa
Simmeh commentato…
@misanthrope86 lol ·3 mesi fa