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la scelta dei fan: every giorno
every giorno
ounce a week
la scelta dei fan: Ringo Starr
la scelta dei fan: The old live action modelle
The old live action modelle
the new cgi computer animazione
la scelta dei fan: I have already read them
I have already read them
I plan on Leggere them
la scelta dei fan: oliver
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teddy-1966 detto …
Thomas and Friends will no longer be on public Televisione in the US.
A quote from Thomas & Friends Wikia reads

"After PBS' contract for the series ended on 31 December 2017, Mattel announced that Nick Jr. will be the new US home for Thomas & Friends beginning March 12th, 2018 with an airing of The Adventure Begins. Nickelodeon will also be the exclusive consumer products licenser for the US."

Link: link postato ·16 giorni fa
Seanthehedgehog commentato…
I never liked PBS. I think this is good. Very good. ·15 giorni fa
80smusiclover1 detto …
"Excuse me sir, te are wanted on the telephone." "Bother that telephone!" ~The Butler and The Fat Controller (From Thomas in Trouble) postato ·8 mesi fa
Seanthehedgehog commentato…
Excuse me, do te have Prince Albert in a can? ·8 mesi fa
Seanthehedgehog detto …
I wasn't planning to do this at first, but I think that my new characters Marcus, and Catherine may appear in più episodes than just 118. Frank & Perry are special guest stars. postato ·8 mesi fa
Seanthehedgehog commentato…
Another thought came to mind. I might have either Frank, o Perry appear in più episodes too. One of those guys will get the bigger role. ·8 mesi fa
Seanthehedgehog commentato…
It's Perry. Frank is no more, but the two diesels may get their own spin-off, taking place in the past. ·8 mesi fa