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(Hey guys! I have this big ol' gonna b long episode planned! But my IPod deleted it all -.- so I decided "Why not make something special? So I guess u can call this the aftermath :P Hosted da Blainley (I think that's how u spell it :P and....SIERRA!!! Enjoy!)

Blainley: Hello everyone! I'm Blainley Stacy Andrew O'Halerath! (Or so I hope) And This is The TDB A-

Sierra: Wait. Don't I have to introduce myself?

Blainley: Sure whatever!

Sierra: EEEEEE!!! I've always wanted to do this!! I'm Sierra R-

Blainley: And this is the TDB Aftermath!!

Sierra: *scoffs*

Blainley: We have a very special episode planned...
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*Theme Musica Plays*
*Cut To Host*
Me:Hi, I'm soxfan89 o Colin And Welcome To Total Drama Wonderland And Last Time There Was A Rabbit Hole Rally and Chey Took The Win While Alex Fell Flat. What Will Happen Today? Let's Find Out!
Kiara:Why Are There So Many Doors?
Chey:I Don't Know!
Airlia:There's A Doorknob! I'll Try It!
Airlia:I'm Sorry!
Doorknob:That's Alright te Gave Me Quite A Turn.
Nikita:There's The White Rabbit, I Must Go Through!
Doorknob:Sorry, You're Simply Too Big! Simply Impassable!
Nikita:Don't te Mean Impossible?
Doorknob:No, Impassable. Nothing's Impossible!
AJ:How Do We Get...
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Source: trevormann8 did the base, i edited
Trent will play as Harry Potter
Cody will play as Ron Weasley
Courtney will play as Hermionie Granger
Duncan will play as Draco Malfoy
Scott will play as Fred Weasley
Geoff will play as George Weasley
Mike will play as Seamus Finnigan
DJ will play as Dean Thomas
Cameron will play as Neville Longbottom
Sierra will play as Lavender Brown
Katie will play as Parvati Patil
Owen will play as Vincent Crabbe
Brick will play as Gregory Goyle
Sadie will play as Padma Patil
Harold will play as Percy Weasley
Justin will play as Justin Finch-Fletchley

As te can see,I changed it up a bit. I will definitely update più often as I can. As te can see,I added some TDROTI characters. I had to since there wasn't enough people to fit the descrizione of their characters. Of course,I also changed the name. Read and enjoy!!!!
mike:so secondo again well that`s okay but if courtney come back then i... nevermind

ilana:i,m so happy that my team won first place yay... i vote off eva sorry eva

*votting gym*
chris:so courtney will be joinning us and will see return the answer is drum roll please
chef:(drum roll)
chris:(glances at team cheaters & take deep breath) nnn... yes she will return on your team cheaters
duncan:that sucks
eva:i know
chris:and sence i know who got all voti but one trent i,m letting courtney desides who goes home
courtney:now if te stay i,ll give te a vote for me badge wo ever doesn`t...
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Warning: This is just fanfiction and not fact! But does have some spoilers! Now if te don't care, just read!

Falling down from a plane is NOT fun. Especially when it's because of Chris Mclean and when you're stuck to a pole. Let me explain:

1. I was with this hot guy who told me to baciare him.
2.When I kissed him, he jumped onto a sled and my lips met a Frozen pole.

"OUCH!" Crash landing. I fell down into a dumpster. SO I kept walking until I found a strada, via to take the bus back home. Walked and walked, then my phone rang. It was my boyfriend, Geoff!...
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If "Total Drama Island" was similar to "The cigno Princess", then Trentney would parallel Derek and Odette's Amore relationship. Both couples had the innamorati hate each other, and then develop a relationship later on. Trent would be Odette since they are kind-hearted innamorati of their vengeful innamorati (Courtney in Trent's case, while Derek in Odette's case). "Far Longer than Forever" would be Trentney's song since they destined to find each other through all the hardships (even when their ex-lovers, Duncan (of Courtney) and Gwen (of Trent), dated each other.

Trent: Far longer than forever
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courntey:When I was just a lil girl I found it rather silly
To see how many other girls I could meet
I had my libri to read, didn't know that I would ever need
Other people to make my life complete
But there was one guy that I cared for
I knew he would be there for me
My big brother, best friend forever
Like two peas in a pod, we did everything together
He taught me how to fly a kite
(Best friend forever)
We never had a single fight
(We did everything together)
We shared our hopes, we shared our dreams
I miss him più than I realized, it seems

izzy dakota bridgette jo and dawn:Your big brother, best friend forever
Like two peas in a pod, te did everything together

courtney:And though he's oh so far away
I hoped that he would stay
My big brother best friend


i do not own this song mlp:fim o tdi o any other affiltrites