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posted by AnonymousXXX
I'm sorry I know it's short. I'll try and write più soon. I hope te lke it!

Chapter 9


I felt self conscious when my father and sister came to the Cullen’s. I had hoped I wouldn’t mostra my embarrassment to Emmett when he made a joke about me and Ethan baciare the other day. Let’s just say I failed miserably. Ethan slipped his muscular, arm around me in almost a protective state. Trying to reassure me he gave a light squeeze. He was probably making a mental note like I was to return the favor.
I noticed my sister was glued to Seth. I wanted to talk to her to see if I could find out if she knew about our parents o the Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. that were after us. I could hardly talk to her without Seth around. Ethan caught on almost immediately and began to talk to Seth balena leading him away.
“What’s up?” She asked me.
I rolled me eyes.
“Did te know about Mom and Dad this entire time?” I paused. There was no answer. So I changed the subject obviously she wasn’t going to answer.
“What about te and Seth?” Her face lit up like a light bulb. “Are te guys together o what?”
“He well um… Well he sort of umm… “
“Okay just spit it out already.”
“He imprinted on me”
“Huh? What is imprint?” I was so confused.
“Ethan hasn’t told you? I though he…”
“You thought he what? What do te mean? What hasn’t he told me?” I detto it in a rush I was starting to get upset.
“Imprinting is like Amore at first sight only stronger. I think Ethan should be the one to tell te not me.” She looked nervous.
Okay so now that everything made since now it doesn’t anymore.
Later that night…
I sat on Ethan’s letto trying to make sense of what my sister had said. As I was pondering I felt warm hands grip my waist line.
I gasped and I tried to scream but they put their hand on my mouth. The heat coming from them let me know it was Ethan. He took his hand away from my mouth and began moving his fingers across my jaw line. It felt Amazing and when he pressed his warm lips on mine… It was complete and total happiness that overwhelmed me. In-between breaths I said
“You know… I don’t like… Being scared to death… When…” I never finished.
We gasped for air. He pulled me back to catch our breaths. He whispered.
“I’m sorry I scared you.”
“Brenda and I were talking and well…” I took a deep breath.
“She did she tell te about imprinting?” I nodded. It was all I could do. I could tell he was nervous.
He pressed his lips to mine and suddenly he didn’t have to tell me I already knew. When he pulled away he had a thick voice.
“I imprinted on you.” I looked him in the eye.
“I know. No one told me I figured it.” I kissed him again and leaned into his chest to go to sleep.
“You’re not mad?” He was confused.
“No. Why would I be mad? It makes sense.”
I yawned. I was so tied.
“Goodnight.” he whispered and leaned down to baciare my forehead.
“Goodnight.” I whispered back.
“I Amore you.” He kissed me on the cheeks.
“I Amore te too.” Then he finally kissed my lips.
I dosed off only to find myself in a not so happy place of dreaming.

Please commento and become a fan! I'd Amore to know what te think! I'm always open for ideas. Again I hope te enjoy!
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