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la scelta dei fan: All six of them
la scelta dei fan: No one. They already have the prefect guy!
la scelta dei fan: yes
la scelta dei fan: she was right to sposta on, she didnt think Edward was coming back
la scelta dei fan: Twilight
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Hellohoudini detto …
I took my jeep to the car wash the other da and the guy tells....'hey these twilight decals te have on the back window, do te want me to pull them off?' 'Uh NOOOO...they're brand new!' He was like 'wasn't twilight like 10yrs ago?' Jerk! postato ·27 giorni fa
Elle-C commentato…
Ugh! Definitely the jerkiest jerk who ever jerked! Shut up and attend to the washing of my vehicle, fool! ·27 giorni fa
Elle-C detto …
I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some new 'Twilight' in my life! Midnight Sun, anyone? New novels, maybe? Jake and Nessie movie? Twilight Televisione series? Series reboot? C'mon, Stephenie, give me SOMETHING!!!! postato ·28 giorni fa
Hellohoudini commentato…
Totally agree..... ·27 giorni fa
Elle-C commentato…
She's gotta return to it sometime, right? And, wow...your 'Twilight' tat is amazing! I'm headed to your profilo so I can have a closer look... ·27 giorni fa
Elle-C commentato…
I take that back. Upon closer inspection, I'd say it's spectacular! ·27 giorni fa
jpurcell93 detto …
Starting Leggere the libri again, my ex and I read them together and Leggere them brings back so many memories. Currently 1/4 through the 1St book it's great! postato un mese fa