How much alike do the twilight innamorati think?

Whatever u choose, give the reson too.

Do te Amore twilight? Why?

Why do u think others hate twilight?

Who is ur fav char in twilight?

Do u like bella swan?

Do u think she spoils the story?

How much % do u like edward?

Is edward wrong in some aspects?

Will u marry edward?

Do u want 2 become a vampire?

Will u change ur parents if u become a vampire?

Would u opt for jake/edward?

Do like rose o alice?

Emmet o jasper?

Carlisle o esme?

Renee o charlie?

Do u think charlie was a good father?

Who’s your fav couple other than ed&be? Why?

Will u unisciti the volturi? Why?

Which volturi soldier is ur fav?

What super power would u like to have?

Will leah be a good match for jacob?

Do u want nessie to choose jake o someone?

Who’s ur fav pack member ( exc jacob )?

Would u have liked a fight between the volturi and cullens?-explain

If someone on the cullens side should have died

Who should it be? And why?