The blood was bubbling from her neck, to the floor, just like to drain out the water from a sponge, this was the first time i recall seeing my child in a fragile state.
Never should mother have the see the life pour on the floor from their only child. her throat croaked and chocked on the blood foaming from her cut throat.
she was helpless, nothing the powerful vampire i am could help her. She was the victim of legal domination.
The elleies we believed for so long as our soul credit had been plotting against us, to steal from us. they ha rubato, stola it all.
from me, from Edward, from our family, they ha rubato, stola a piece of us when they took what they believed was right, they ha rubato, stola our hearts too.
A wolfs cry screamed in the lonely woods, with my silent cuore i felt my muscles cringe and wept even harder. Jacob.
Renesmee was the last imprinted partner, Kim, Emily, Clare, murdered. But Jacob diddn't face her scene, but i sensed his presence.
her eyes looked at me for what felt like my entire immortal life, and i felt warmth again, like Arizonian sun, was this the end. Was the sun a sign of her sharing her touch of her end?
no no ! But her locks shaded her face before she turned her face away.
i held the corpse of a baby, mine, snatched da the voluri.