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la scelta dei fan: Hope so
la scelta dei fan: yes
la scelta dei fan: YEAH!
Yes! And I saw it!
la scelta dei fan: "Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi"
la scelta dei fan: Zero
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PureHeroine detto …
Honestly Zero is the only good thing in this show. postato ·11 mesi fa
SailorLoliGirl commentato…
Honestly I agree but I like his brother too ·10 mesi fa
PureHeroine commentato…
Yeah, everything that connects to Zero is good. Ichiru is my secondo preferito </3 ·10 mesi fa
Ryuzaki623 detto …
Hello... postato più di un anno fa
llmb00 commentato…
Hi più di un anno fa
Soranaru detto …
No offense, but the ending was kinda crappy postato più di un anno fa
cathahaha commentato…
I've gotta agree with you! più di un anno fa
563blackghost commentato…
Well that depends upon which ending te saw (anime o manga) though I would say it kinda stunk for both. But if I were to choose which one was best, then it would be the manga ending. ;) più di un anno fa
Soranaru commentato…
I both watched the Anime ending and read the manga ending. I dislike both. In my opinion, it was too slow-moving and the ending was uncalled for. My opinion, anyway >_< più di un anno fa