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la scelta dei fan: mikuto (miku x kaito)
la scelta dei fan: Miku x Luka
la scelta dei fan: MAYU
la scelta dei fan: Rin and Len
la scelta dei fan: Miku X Kaito
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crustydoodoo detto …
my parents grounded me for trying to be miku postato ·8 mesi fa
BennieBear27 commentato…
I find that to be a rather dumb reason to ground your child ·8 mesi fa
crustydoodoo commentato…
my father asked me "what are te watching" and i answered him with "this is hatsune miku she's the strongest wrestler ever" a anno later i bought a miku cosplay and decided to wrestle my dad, but apparently he forgot about our conversation and thought i went nuts. so he grounded me and now he thinks i'm a homosexual. ·8 mesi fa
msiy978 commentato…
:) ·20 giorni fa
BennieBear27 detto …
I'm bored and want to have a conversation about vocaloid. Someone please talk to me. postato ·10 mesi fa
Anime_lover0_0 commentato…
U like MikuXKaito ·10 mesi fa
BennieBear27 commentato…
I guess. I dunno. ·10 mesi fa
BennieBear27 commentato…
I was being sarcastic ·8 mesi fa
Anime_lover0_0 detto …
lol postato ·10 mesi fa