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Lets skip around 4.. no, 5 months.. Of course I gave him my number. Who wouldn't want to chat it up with a tall, white-haired boy with striking viola eyes? I know I want to, and I am. Dad knew something was up the moment I came out, and it was a long, interrogation ride home.. but since then, it's been a non-stop rollercoaster of smile and laughter ever since. But at this moment in time, I was frantically digging through my closet because I was going out, with him. Of course, I had been on many dates with him before, but this felt, different. I let out an annoyed whine, grabbing the attention of my older sister. I could feel her grin from across the room, her eyes locking onto my shirtless frame. "This is new.." She snickered and looked through my clothes before tossing a camicia towards me. "Dad's downstairs waiting on you." I couldn't tell if her tone was one of dread o something completely different. Oh well. I looked down at the black button-up in my hand and sighed. "Of all the colors.." I mumbled and pulled the camicia on anyways, being hardly able to button it up due to the shaking in my hands. After I managed to do something with my mop I call hair, I trotted downstairs, staring at the time on my phone. I was ahead of schedule, good. Immediately I was met with my dad, not noticing the red tie in his hands. "Here." I reached out and took it, tilting my head. Something about it was..familiar. Oddly enough it took me a few minuti to recognize the piece of clothing. "The tie from your wedding.." I mumbled, looking up as he took it and began to tie it around me. "I don't plan on using it anytime soon, besides, I've already impressed the Amore of my life." Ah, so that's where Mel got her hard-to-decipher tone.. Dad. I smiled and nodded once anyways, adjusted the tie once it was secure around me. "Now, go. Be careful, it's a full moon, never known what kind of crazy goes on." He patted my back, almost like he was shoving me out the door.. He never did this with Mel, o Lexi for that matter, I had to pry him away at some point.. ANYWAYS, that's not important, what is important is that there's been a time-skip, and I now currently seated across from the hottest man alive. In the time skip, dear reader, I found out that he's hardly eating. Unusual, he usually ate, but it was very little. But, it could be the fact that I half to eat half my weight because holy cow, do bird-kids eat a heck of a lot of food. But that's not it, there's been a lot of hand holding, and his hand is still like a complete ice-block. Again, not unusual. but, colder than usual.. Like, I understand it's winter, and we're in his car and blasting the heat, and he's STILL cold. I swear, does he have like lack of circulation o something? "Why weren't te at the blood bank earlier? te never told me te weren't working.." I asked in a slightly disappointed tone, after all, I do go there every other day.. This over-production of blood is a real nuisance. "Day off. Why? Miss me?" He grinned. God, that smile of his.. And that tone.. so, teasing? "Maybe.. Say, you've got some sharp canines going on.." I tilted my head, eyes glancing over his lips. Had I ever noticed them before? "And you're hands are super cold all the time." He pouted at that comment. "Is that problem?" I immediately regretted pointing it out. "N-no! I was just curious as to why.." He was silent before moving his sede, sedile back. He only patted his lap and I froze. We'd been dating for a while for a while now, but.. Was I even ready for this? Dear God, help me. I casually climbed over and sat myself onto his lap, trying not to let him smell any fear. I could feel his eyes and then felt him gently tugging at the tie and loosening it. "What are.." I didn't finish the sentence because I got a look to tell me to hush. I couldn't see what he was doing, but I could feel him unbuttoning the superiore, in alto portion of my shirt. He pressed one finger under my chin and lifted, my eyes shifting to the car ceiling. I was honestly expected a kiss, but nooooooo. I was about to say something, and that's when I felt it. The burning sensation of fangs piercing my skin. That's why he hardly ate, why he was so cold... and why he worked in a blood blank? I let him linger for a few minutes, I honestly had enough blood to go around, so it didn't bother me. When I pulled away, was a sight I could never forget. His viola eyes were an unusual crimson red, the blood on his face to match. I wasn't too concerned with the wound on my neck.. But the information I had gained. My boyfriend.. was a vampire?!
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He sat in the cafe, looking at his watch. I wonder where she is? he thought to himself as he brushed a piece of his blonde hair out of his face. The campana, bell on the door rang and his eyes flickered over to it, and he saw his date. Her dark blue dress fluttered as she walked over to him, her black blazer covering her chest; but mostrare più of her cleavage than usual. The dark haired girl stood in her track when she came to the table, her sneakered feet put together. The blonde boy stood up and pulled the chair out for her, which she awkwardly sat in.

"You look nice Amora," the boy told her in a...
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"I found something," Melody said, picking up a quiver. Aisling and Gravityboy walked up at Melody, Aisling collected the quiver, she stared at it for a moment, it was Aquapoint's. They had been searching these woods for days and had found nothing. Aisling continued to stare at the quiver though relieve something was definitely wrong with the situation.
"Melody I think we should wait for backup,"
"Aisling's right, finding these clues so quickly that we weren't finding before is definitely not luck."
"I cant wait I have to find her,"
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 Red X
Red X
I didn't want this to be short so I added some things. But PLEASE do not use this information in any articoli o rps because it is classified. And there is a reason for it but te won't know if te use it. Understand? ((Yes, mother)) Not you!

Name: Erin Mavis
Alias: Red X
Occupation: Vigilante
Powers: Super-speed (as in the lightning fast, Flash powered speed)
Skills/talents: Stealth. She can avoid ANY kind of security/trap. Even ones in the JLA. She is flexible and is a whiz with tech. She has many gadgets and not all are “child approved”.
Appearance: Her hair is short red and sometimes vibrant...
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Identity: Aryess Angel Weston

Age: 14

Code Name: SilverWings

Aliases: volpe Cub, Angel, Ary, Ressy

Occupation: heroine in training, disclosed vigilante

Affiliations/ Relations: link (deceased)- Mother; Riley Conners (deceased)- Father; Daemian Weston- Eldest Brother (deceased); link- Elder Brother; Riley Conners Jr.- Nephew; Bentley Thompson- Boyfriend; Young Justice- Team; Double Helix- Squad; Blaze- Mentor; Titanium- Partner; Immunity- Legal Sister

Personality: trustworthy though doesn't trust many others; very friendly unless she feels threatened; stubborn; energetic

Physical Appearance: 5'7"; slim...
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posted by ScarletYJ
1) If te had to choose between riding on a arcobaleno o delivering rainbows, and why?

Is neither an option, not a big fan of rainbows

She's in a shitty mood just warning you

2) When is someone going to go elefante riding with me?

I could go with te successivo week if te really wanna go that bad

3) Would te rather live in a giant pumpkin, o eat a giant pumpkin?

What kinda domanda is that

oh for cripes sake just anwser the question

Fine I'd rather live in one

4) unicorni o spazio Unicorns? Please explain!


I give up! Your hopeless

*sighs* unicorni cause they're one of the nicest mythical creatures...
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