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posted by justjill
A figure suddenly hit Riddler in the face,knocking him down. The figure approached the glass and unlocked the door. To my surprise, in front of me There stood a boy slightly shorter than me with the same costume and same hair style but I could see past his faint fabric mask was green eyes. "Urm...thanks" He left to help save my Friends as I made my way towards KidFlash s' cage where I released him. "I didn't know te had a twin." KidFlash looked at me with curious eyes. "I didn't know either." I replied my eyes darting towards Riddler's army of men approaching us. "Robin! Go deactivate...
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 "And hopefully, his reign of terror will finally end."
"And hopefully, his reign of terror will finally end."
"Just yesterday, two scientists were arrested and charged with kidnapping and attempted murder," detto Summer Gleeson, the morning newscaster. "Their trial is expected to be in three weeks."
"But on a lighter note," she detto brightly, "Nora Fries, the famed wife of the supervillain, Mr. Freeze, is on the race to recovery with the help of two superheroes, Robin and Nightfury. Mr. Freeze has agreed to go to jail and wait for conviction until his wife is cured, where he'll be set free and hopefully, his reign of terror will finally end."
I shut off the Televisione with the remote and rested my head...
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There was only one thing running through my mind at that moment: running away and screaming "Stranger danger!" but da the way Batman was looking at me told me otherwise.
So instead I said, "Oh, hi." I turned around and started shuffling back toward the house when he grabbed my arm.
"Does anyone else know you're the Avatar?" he asked abruptly.
I stopped in my tracks. "How did te know that?" I whispered.
He ignored my question. "Answer it!" he ordered.
I sighed and shook his arm off me. "Only my mother knows." I looked up at him. "Am I in trouble?"
He looked like he was deciding my fate for...
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posted by DiamondYJ
The night air is cold. I sit on the ledge of city hall, watching the people walk in and out of the popolare building. No one notices me, for I am cloathed in the darkness. I pull out the small, wrinkled piece of paper from my pocket. Happy Harbour, they'll help you. I clench the paper in my fist and shove it back in my pocket.
"Vanessa." I whisper, moving away from the ledge. "I'm over here." risposte her voice. I sposta towards the sound and find her huddling on the ground. "Are te cold?" I ask, sitting successivo to her. "Just a bit, Danielle." she responds. "We have to keep moving, we're almost there."...
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posted by ecoelo
"No!Let go!" Wally squirmed as they were dragged da two very strong men. They threw the teenagers into a dark cell.
"Your staying here for the night. The boss will decide if your free to go" the men walked away locking the door up tight. Artemis hit her head on the wall.
"I can't believe we're in jail!" she hit her head again.
"Well your the one who punched him in the face" Wally explained. Artemis turned to him.
"Yeah but ow!" she shook her hand. "It was like punching a brick wall. There's only skin and bone in that guy!"
"I can't believe te tripped!" Artemis complained smacking her head.
"It is...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Wally resisted when his parents tried to get him in the car. They tried to push him in but he grabbed the sides of the door and held on tight.
“No I won’t go” he yelled.
“Wally we don’t have any time for this, we have to go o you’re going to be late for work”
“I’m fine with not going at all” He said. Then using his super speed he ran off.
“Ha-ha can’t make me go now” He detto laughing an evil laugh. Suddenly a blur was coming right at him.
“Oh crab” He detto sliding onto his back when the blur attempted to grab him. He was about to get up when a strong pair of arms...
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posted by YJTTFAN
Dick was sitting in the back of his history class in the middle of texting Wally when he received another text. A text from Bruce no less.

You would think that having Batman as a guardian would offer some pretty interesting texts.

You would be wrong.

They never exchanged texts that might reveal their hero identities. That of course did not stop Dick from imagining what those texts would look like:

OMG scarecrow brok out

BC pnched GA. . . . LMFAO

WTF Supes fails agn

Caught Jkr W00t!

Of course Dick knew that if Batman did text, he would never text like that, but he could dream couldn't he?

As for the...
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posted by Helen_Wayne
My first reaction was to scream, he changed the curse, to my aunt...
I felt like all was in slow motion, the gun shooting, the sound of the gun, the bullet, my aunt falling, my scream, Two Face running away. Everything was so, well I have no words for it, but I was sad, angry, with thirst of revenge, the feeling that the only person who loved me, was dead... I fell on my knees and start crying, When I turn my head up the police had arrived, and get Two Face, after that someone put a hand on my shoulder, it was Batman who looked at my eyes with a compassion look. After that commissioner Gordon...
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this is the weekly young justice interveiw. (oh great i have to make one every week?) this time we will be talking to wally west about the couples we have made.
me: hello kid flash.
wally: te can call me wally.
me: okay. what do te think of wally/artemis?
me: moving on. what about superboy/miss martain?
wally: they would be cute together, but i dont think it will happen.
me: really? cause it the 2nd most popolare couple.
wally: what the most popular?
me: wally/artemis. so, what do te think of megan/wally?
wally: i aproove.
me: wel its the third one thats least...
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The team groggily wakes up in a pitch black room, all with a amaro taste some recognise as a sleeper drug.
"Hey, where are we?" A voice calls out
"Rob, is that you?" KF voice rings out as cold winds slap the team around.
"KF THATS MY FOOT!!" Artemis yells. Then someone gave a very girlish squeal.
"What was that?!" Connor said
"Delta?" Robin called out
"He thinks I'm Delta..." the voice giggled
"Calm down," Another said
"Becca?" Robin detto now utterly confused. Room fell silent and the wind was the only sound that could be heard.
"This is soo cool!!" The other voice detto "He thinks I'm Becca!"
"Oh my...
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Since YJI is about to be over I thought that I should give myself the time to enjoy it and write my own review down for these last episodes.

Past episodes: Didn't like the first episodes in Invasion maybe because I was not happy with the time jump but now that I'm over it then I guess the episodes were okay. But these past few episodes when thing started to make sense ,loved them.

Roy: I really Amore how well he is trained since we was abducted and Frozen for eight years and has just been around for couple of months, good job Ollie ;)
The Runways: Man, they are seriously badass, I had chill all...
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posted by yayshadowhunter
An ora has gone da since Alfred left to go get the door at two in the morning and of course Bruce is still up doing research on his latest mission for the Justice League. The silence of the night is broken when Alfred returns to the Bat cave, an expression of complete confusion on his aged face. “Master Bruce, te have a visitor waiting for you”
He manages to say still wearing that mask of perplexity. “At this hour?” Bruce domande yet he goes and changes into an extra pair of clothing he stores in the Bat cave. He follows Alfred into his office to find a girl, about twelve maybe...
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I finished the first chapter for the OC I created. It's called Tundric Wolf. I have the info up and the chapter. The chapter is called Icy Realtions a sneak anteprima te got before I wrote the chapter. I did it in 2 hours! the link is below enjoy and commento o message me if te liked it!


So yeah please message me o commento cause I'm so lonely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Robin_Love
Just something I wrote for no reason at all. Hope te enjoy.

Becca sat huddled in her room as another roar of thunder sounded. She cowered, lightning flashing. It wasn't long before the thunder sounded, and Becca screeched, covering her ears. She regretted her choice to stay home. She should've gone with the others. But she hadn't felt Ribelle - The Brave enough to go to Happy Harbor in the rain. Now she wished she had gone. At least Robin would've been there to comfort her. As another roll of thunder sounded, Becca screeched and ran from her room.
“He's a lot braver than I am,” she said.
Becca ran and...
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posted by robinfanforever
Robin’s POV

He was so close I could’ve touched him. After I saw him enter the tent, I ran and hid in the bushes. I was really still and really quiet so that Bruce didn’t hear o see me when he went past.

He finally gave up and went back into the tent, and that’s when I got out and ran as fast as I could. Now I’m in a city that I don’t know, and I’m sitting on the ground in an alley.

I’ve been on the road and in different cities for two weeks now. I’m trying not to think of Bruce o my friends, but the più I see, the più I realize that I’m now alone.

I miss Bruce and the team....
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posted by YJTTFAN

Mount Justice, 8:15 a.m.

"I can't believe you!"

Those four words rang out towards the entire building and found its way to the cucina where Aqualad, Robin, Megan and Superboy were busy eating breakfast. All four of them looked up at each other. Kid Flash and Artemis were fighting… again…

At the same moment Wally and Artemis walked into the kitchen. Artemis was soaking wet with a towel wrapped around her and Wally's face was red from laughing. It didn't take a genius to figure it out.

"Sorry, it was an accident." Wally...
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How NOT To Light the Town Natale albero (with Guest stella, star Appearance!)

"And tonight, we have local hero, Flash Jr.-"

Wally whispered something in the Mayor's ear and sat back down.

"Sorry, Tonight we have local hero Kid Flash to continue this century long ritual of lighting the Town Natale albero on Natale Eve!"

The mayor stepped aside and Wally stepped up to the stand.

"Thank te mayor and citizens of Central City! I'm going to make this quick and simple because I've got a hot data to go to-"

The crowd laughed.

"Naw, not really, let's do this!" Wally detto with a grin. He took the trigger from...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca laughed as she was pulled up a hill.
“Just tell me Dick,” she said.
“No. I want to mostra you.”
Becca laughed again and shook her head at her boyfriend.
“You're crazy. And a dork.”
“I resent that.”
Becca was pushed to a stop and shje could feel Dick's breath hot on her ear as he stood behind her. He removed the blindfold and Becca opened her eyes. She blinked as she saw her parents' graves moved from their old spot to sit da Dick's parents. Her parents' headstones were beautifully engraved wih their names, the times they lived, and two hearts linked together. The same incription...
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 She stabbed me and keeped stabbing me against a wall.
She stabbed me and keeped stabbing me against a wall.
We were at the mission room Batman was debreefing:
In the Carribean sea there is an island named Puerto Rico,There have been reports that something is killing people and destroying mountains.
Wally had a horrified expresion:
If it destroys mountains can`t te send the league?
Wally,you wanted a mission they gave te one now don`t complain.
"Like FireBlaster said,here are the coordinates do`nt fail."
We headed towards the bio-ship and boarded I sat successivo to wally to see if he would calm down.
But sadly I made it worse.

We are here."
Great,now lets find that thing.
you know in the cartoni animati that te see...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Artemis was walking down the porch of the west house. She had come over to tell Wally’s parents what happened to Wally in Antarctica, that Wally was gone. She had spent a few hours there mourning with them.
“Artemis” Mary, Wally’s mom called out. Artemis turned and saw at the door way was Wally’s parents.
“Are te sure te don’t want to stay?” Mary said. Her eyes were still filled with tears.
Artemis knew she should stay. They had just Lost their son and she Lost her boyfriend. They all needed each other. But Wally’s parents reminded her so much of him and the whole house just...
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