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Its kind of nice being home and what not. I get some good time with my fiance and I can kind of relax and pull the breaks a bit. Its pretty good - dato my middle sister isnt also home postato ·10 ore fa
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A Lot of People With Anxiety: I can't drink caffinee otherwise it makes my anxiety worse o causes me to have a panic attack

Psychologist / Most Therapist: Caffine worsens anxiety symptoms

Me: Im super stressed, depressed, and anxious

Me: *chugs a liter of Dr. Pepper* Ah... Always makes it better postato un giorno fa
Riku114 commentato…
BTW not stressed, depressed, o anxious rn XD Just this does happen XD un giorno fa
BB2010 commentato…
Been there lol un giorno fa
twinklestar11 commentato…
lol eating/drinking sugar always makes me feel better... but ppl dont beilive me un giorno fa
Riku114 ha detto riguardo a random
Siiiiccck .-. postato ·5 giorni fa
BlindBandit92 commentato…
Rip. Feel better soon dudette ·5 giorni fa
TheLefteris24 commentato…
Take care of yourself and get well soon. I wish te a good recovery !!!! ·5 giorni fa
2ntyOnePilots commentato…
Awe ge5 better sis! Fast recovery! ·4 giorni fa