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Riku114 ha detto riguardo a random
Being sick sucks postato un giorno fa
CokeTheUmbreon commentato…
F ·15 ore fa
J_E_T commentato…
Doctor Jet will help xD ·13 ore fa
Riku114 ha detto riguardo a random
Yo my frequency on checking on fanpop has been less than usual so I jsut felt like making post in case I randomly stopped coming by

Message me if te want some other media I use postato ·11 giorni fa
Riku114 commentato…
Im still gonna be on but just like XD In case I stop coming da and forget to check in for a while ·11 giorni fa
J_E_T commentato…
fanpop is shit without Riku. Old users are our only hope xD ·4 giorni fa
Kuro_Hyou666 mi ha dato omaggio per my pop quiz questions
Lol, yeah, I kind of know what te mean with that. Seems like BTS is becoming a little too big, still like the older stuff, though and that's probably going to be something that I do in the successivo couple of days, is listen to whatever I don't have.

That's good and yeah I definitely know what te mean with that. I guess it's kind of becoming common for me to take ultra-long hiatus periods. It is nice to be back for a bit though. postato ·18 giorni fa