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Hey! I'm joining the request of ktichenor. We can't carica immagini anywhere for a week. Can te help us? Thank te :) postato ·6 giorni fa
ktichenor detto …
Hi, Cliff, there's an issue with uploading images. They never carica o they just disappear. I know it's a tech issue but tech support doesn't seem to respond so i don't know where else to go. But we all kind of need some help, please? And thanks! :) postato ·12 giorni fa
ktichenor commentato…
We can't carica foto anywhere, polls, forums, images. Please help! ·10 giorni fa
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Ayy, dude, thanks for the add! Followed te back! Glad to find a fellow vegetarian on here! postato ·2 mesi fa
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eyo thanks for the add cliff
omg I Amore your profilo site look
have a fantastic giorno postato ·2 mesi fa
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There is a serial spammer called link. They are spamming everyone's club including mine. They are repeat offenders with different usernames. They have been reported a lot but they're still here. Fanpoppers are getting angry and frustrated. Please, please do something. postato ·2 mesi fa
ktichenor commentato…
This site has a real spamming problem that needs to addressed. Please help. ·2 mesi fa
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I Amore your background image! postato ·7 mesi fa
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Um, te might want to check out the fanpop club. It's a mess! Somebody called Martin Debbarma has taken over practically everything with links, forums, answer quizzes, etc all about himself. I'm very worried. Please do something. postato più di un anno fa
ktichenor commentato…
He keeps mentioning an ex as well, that's why I'm worried. I don't know if this is ego o something else. più di un anno fa
ktichenor commentato…
Okay, now he's giving out phone numbers. This guy is spamming the whole club and there's nowhere to segnala him. più di un anno fa
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ciao how r u cliff? u doin good? im doin good so I hope te are postato più di un anno fa
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Hello!! Please unisciti if you´re interested n.n link postato più di un anno fa
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Congratulations te guys did amazing job creating the site.

#Fanpops10yearOld Keep it Up :D postato più di un anno fa
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BTW your motto is EPIC :D più di un anno fa