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Okay, I'm bored out of my brain and I'm so over homework and I felt like Scrivere an article. I chose randomly and fell upon the Alice Cullen spot.
She's my favourite vampire.

I looked in my rear view mirror. Argh, they were still following me. I growled. I couldn't stand this, they bring everyone and I mean every member of the Volturi onto me just for my future predicting ability. I wouldn't let them hurt my family, I thought, determined.
It was a highway speed chase. The Volturi chasing after me and my beloved yellow Porsche. I pushed hard on the accelerator, going much faster than normal....
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Edward and Carlisle in a hospital approx. 107 years ago. Edward dying in the bed. Carlisle walks over.
Carlisle: te ready?
Edward: For what?
Carlisle takes his wrist and bites him
Carlisle: For the wicked awesome parody!!
Edward yelps and pulls away
Edward: What the fuck! I thought te were a doctor!!
Carlisle frowns and bites him on the neck, Edward starts flinching in pain, and the screen goes blank. Twilight is born flashes across the screen followed da three days later. Edward waking up confused remembers being bitten and sees Carlisle standing over him, Edward frowns gets up, and hits Carlisle...
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