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One thing I had to do before starting this was fix a small problem that I had created. The timeline has Lilly giving birth a mese o so after Humphrey’s supposed death, meaning she would’ve gotten pregnant around the beginning of Missing Parents.

The reason she had to be pregnant during this time was because Jax, Jonas, and Martin had to be roughly the same age as Stinky, Claudette, and Runt, which means they had to be born as soon as possible after Legend. However, it’s very doubtful that Lilly would’ve gotten pregnant in the aftermath of Humphrey’s death as everyone would be taking...
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posted by trueshadowwolf
cherokees are indians, which i am, well i got alittle in me lol i found something pretty interesting.
it says:
A Cherokee Legend
An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. "A fight is going on inside me," he detto to the boy.

"It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego." He continued, "The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith....
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posted by HumphryOmega
(Dosnt belong to me just spreading his work. To see the dude who made these articoli go to and look up R0xas 666)

Humphrey already regretted his decision not to leave Jasper Park, Kate was continuing with her wedding. Kate had begged him to stay, and so he had. Now, however, he was on the verge of tears because of the scene unfolding in front of him. Kate and Garth had gone through almost the entire mating ritual, and now they were about to touch noses.

They made contact and Humphrey gasped in horror, but it wasn't heard over the cheers of every other lupo present. Humphrey turned...
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"Kate...pst kate wake up" Humphrey Nudges his mates nose , kate flutterd her eyes open and yawned "Moring Handsome" kate smiled at her loving mate as he looked into her eyes "Kate , your dad and mother want to see te it's urgent " Humphrwey informed kate . The Beautiful alpha sterched and set off to her old cave .

When the alpha arrived at the cave she was greeted da hutch who led her in, "moring dad , Moring mum sleep well?" kate detto in a friendly manner Eve looked at her Husband with guilt "fine thank te ...there's something we need to tell te ...." Winston stared at the ground "What...
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This is just a flashback Eve had in the story Ba'al.

It was in 12th grade. It was the final giorno of school when Ba'al finally fought back. Well, he didn't really fight back but it was the last time Humphrey and his Friends ever picked on him...

It was lunch ora when Ba'al flipped his mind on Kate and broke Humphrey's nose and Garth's arm.

Ba'al was walking to his own tavolo where the light would shine on him. He sat down and began eating his food. He then heard giggling and laughter. He ignored it and continued eating. Next, he felt something slightly hard and wet splash on his back. He immediately...
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Mooch carried Humphrey to Winston and Eve. Mooch set Humphrey down in Winston and Eve’s sight. Eve gasped at the sight.
“What happened?” She asked.
“He nailed his head on the chin of a dog and has a concussion,” Mooch answered.
“He saved Salty though,” Shakey said.
“I didn’t see crap,” Salty said, “By the way, we have a new comer.”
Jenna came into sight.
“Welcome to the pack!” Winston greeted, “We will be happy to have te in our pack. Are te an Alpha o an Omega?”
“I think an Alpha,” Jenna replied, “How ever I have a confession.”
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It was a dark night and kate was heading to her cave where winston her father was watching her every sposta but his eyes were mainly focused on her amazing ass.She entered the cave,"hi dad wheres lilly and mom?"winston looked at kate,"oh they are out so its just going to be me and te alone .....alone together all night"kate shook her hair,"oh okay cool well im just going to lay down for a while im sooo tired"kate layed down as winston walked over to her slowly"no problem i think ill unisciti you" he went on superiore, in alto of her and placed chains of all of her four paws,"DAD WHAT ARE te DOING?!"winston smirked,"don't...
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Scene 3:

(It's early morning the successivo day, and everyone is getting ready to go on the journey to find Humphrey's parents)

Kate: te don't have to do this, te know?
Humphrey: Yes, I do, Kate. I have to do this. I have to know the truth.
Kate: Okay.
(Garth and Lilly arrive at the den)
Garth: We're ready.
(Marcel and Paddy fly in)
Marcel: As are we.
Humphrey: All we need now is Daria.
(Daria comes in)
Daria: I'm here.
Humphrey: Okay. Let's go.
(Everyone heads out of the tana, den where Winston is waiting with Cando and Hutch)
Humphrey: We're ready.
Winston: Good. Cando and Hutch will only be able to take te to the...
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posted by Rockowolf123
Runt slowly got his sences back he did not know were he was
he smelled blood,drugs,and sick people
he found that he was in the hospial
the pack had advanced alot in technology
runt couldent feel his arm
your ok" stinky exclamed
what happend"runt asked
te um te Lost your arm" stinky studderd
what"runt detto looking at his arm
he saw a steel arm were his used to be
there is some one who wants to see you"stinky said
it was tasha runts girlfreind
Runt your ok" Tasha said
yeah if ok is a missing fucking arm" runt detto getting up
um Tasha i wanna know if um" runt Lost is words
what is it" tasha detto in her french accent (she was french not like marcel i meen real french)
will te um marrie me"runt detto the thing he wanted to say sence he met tasha 4 years fa
yes i have been waiting for te to say that" tasha said

the end for now
its really short but it is important
"The teaser starts with a lupo howling in the background at midnight then a brown male lupo with scars all over his face speaking to Lara".

Brown male wolf:"Oh there is the little pup who had survive Viggo and his crimson pack's attack all grown up now huh"? He detto with a sinister laugh and Lara growling at him.

Skip into the successivo scene with Jill had her's coltello out and Lara look at her in the eyes angry then the two of them ran at each other to fight then a Slash and a snarl can be heared in the background happens after the screen turns black then Harley's voice Harley:"Time to have my revenge". turn into The Lone Survivors:The Revenge Of The Hunter title.

There are a ton of references in the timeline mainly because with the inclusion of dates, I could slip a lot of fun stuff in there. Right off the bat, any time September 17th is mentioned, that’s a reference to the first movie because that’s the data it came out.

First off, we have two fictional character birthdays, August 1st, and December 9th, which are the birthdays of The Joker and Oliver Queen (a.k.a The Green Arrow) respectively. successivo is March 15th, 1975 which is the giorno that Terror of Mechagodzilla came out in Japan.

The successivo data is another movie release date. Arnold’s birthday,...
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The successivo Generation

I guess te could count Fran and Freida’s inclusion in chapter four to be a callback to the fourth movie when they were introduced, and Runt became “King of the Forest”. Also, their idea to hide Oscar in Shadow Forest is a callback to the fourth movie.

When Stinky is telling Martin about how when they were pups, Runt would come home with quills in his paws because he kept giving the porcupines hugs, that’s a reference to the fifth movie when Kate finds out that that’s why she’s constantly pulling quills out of him.

Rise of the Hunter

I managed to sneak a namedrop...
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I decided to add a section for references and callbacks since these stories have quite a few of them. There are a couple of things that I don’t really count as references since they’re pretty much a constant in the movies. One of them is Runt climbing a albero and the other is Humphrey logboarding, both of which I tried to include at least once in the stories that I could include them in.

Newest Additions

Right away, I made a reference to the secondo movie da addressing the fact that Garth and Lilly were living in the tall grass. There’s a reference to the first movie after Kate finds out...
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Seeing as how The Final War was the big grand finale, I really had no choice but to make as many callbacks as I possibly could, so let’s get started.

There’s a pretty obvious callback to A Hero’s Past in chapter five when Humphrey talks about Arnold and when he got stuck in the orso trap and Humphrey had to leave him. It also brings Arnold back to the audience’s mind to make sure they still remember him when he eventually returns.

There’s another callback to A Hero’s Past shortly afterward when Humphrey finds Gerald and the orso and jokes about how he and Arnold started something...
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When I decided to do Newest Additions, I told myself that I wouldn’t worry about making sure there were a certain number of words in each “chapter”, because that was part of the reason why I scrapped it at first. I had a decent number of ideas, but there was no way I would’ve been able to make the chapters long enough. But now, I dropped that way of thinking and told myself that I would make it as long as it needed to be, whether that was short o long, it didn’t matter. I would put in what ideas I had and connect it with all the necessary things and nothing more.

I started da looking...
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WARNING: Minor sexual content

It took nearly a week before Kate and I finally crossed the Canadian boarder back into Montana. The massive winter storm that had ravaged Canada left a cappotto of ice on the whole entire Alcan highway, and even into Montana. The average speed was 45 mph. Both Kate and myself were bored, even with the Musica on my iPod, I had slightly over 3,000 songs, but they had all played twice o più da now. Nights when we stayed in the shabby motels at the truck stops, we tried to pleasure one another, but to no avail. I never realized how hard it was to have sexual intercourse...
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About a week later Kate and Humphrey went on a date, they went and watch bad teacher on the way home the were pissed.
Humphrey: man that movie sucked
(kate in a sexy vocie)...
Kate: i know right, but i have other plans when we get home.
Humphrey: whats that?
(Kate chuckled)
Kate: youll see.
They where listen to testament when they speeded past a cop.
Kate: ah shit.
Humphrey: im not pulling over.
the chace went on until they got home.
When they got inside, kate ran upstaris.
Humphrey: what the hell is she doing.
he went in their room to find kate stripping.
Kate: humphrey, can te crawl into letto and lay on...
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 I got this from a Friends website and don't say i messed up it was an idea i had [This is kate secretly doing it with backdraft
I got this from a friends website and don't say i messed up it was an idea i had [This is kate secretly doing it with backdraft
It was early morning after a night of fun after the howl but Humphrey felt something was wrong like something happened to Kate cause when he rolled over she wasn't there. He thought she had gotten up already but when he went to the cucina she wasn't there and she wasn't one the divano 'where the hell is she' detto Humphrey so he sat on the divano and waited till Kate entered then he broke lose getting all on her for leaving and not saying nothing [Little did he know she was secretly dating Backdraft behind Humphrey's back] Humphrey: Where the hell were te how come te didn't say nothing huh...
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Humphrey was working on the boat, when Lilly came by. She snuck up on him as he was putting on the cover. She startled him once she got to him.
“Ahh!” He saw it was Lilly, “Don’t do that!”
“Sorry! What’s Humphrey doin?”
“Not really much, just putting on the barca cover.”
Humphrey started the barca cover from the front so he had to go in the water to put it on in the back. When he got about two to five feet in the water, he cut his foot on the anchor.
“Ahh! Ahh! Cut! Cut!”
“Humphrey, what’s wrong?”
Humphrey came out of the water bleeding, “Oh Humphrey!”
He laid...
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posted by UriahA
Humphrey is pissed at Kate.

Humphrey returned home.
“Hey bitch.”
“Humphrey, I’m not dealing with te not forgiving me anymore. I’m moving with Garth.”
“Good, I don’t want te here!”
“And he detto te can have Lilly.”
“You want my sister più than me!?”
“Now yes.”
“I hope you’re shitting me.”
“No, I’m not.”
“I’m packing all my stuff. And I’m taking the Armada.”
“What! I get the Armada and te get the Civic.”
“Nope I called it first.”
“Damn it!”
“You know you’re an Omega that was lucky to have me, now you’re being...
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