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posted by kikko16
this movie was absolutely amazing. i feel bad for the phantom because all he wanted was someone to hear his music-his one true passion. no one was able to because no one looked beyond his infection. christine was judgmental like all the others. she was afraid of him because of his unfortunate disease even if all he did was adore her. she chose raul because he was normal and excepted da the world. i dont think the phantom was evil at all. he did what he did because christine acted like all the others and broke his heart. he loved her and she didnt see him as a real human being only as a monster. all he wanted was for someone to mostra they cared and loved him too but she couldnt do that. he had enough of the world shunning him so he lashed out. this is why i HATE raul and dislike christine. they think he is evil but they are the evil ones.
Blurb :
Paris, 1880, nine years after the events of 'The Phantom of the Opera'. Nine years in which all thoughts of Erik, the Angel who'd once haunted her giorno and night had been cast aside, discarded like a broken doll. Nine years in which poor, sixteen anno old Christine had grown up, grown up into a women of high reputation, with a handsome young husband and prospects of a child.

So much can change in nine years.

Yet it only takes a little to be hurled back into the past.

Chapter 1 :

Paris is host to a number of fine hospitals, all which produce many a fine baby from many a fine mother. It is...
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This articolo regards ONLY the 2004 ALW film and whatever it gives for a base. Because most seem to believe that in the film, she unmasekd him then for harmful and hateful means, o alternatively just to try and gain him time to escape. I have another interpretation I haven't yet seen anyone share though I'm sure I'm not the only one who see it this way.

I firmly believe her means were not evil o shallow. There was every reason for her not to remember that they were surrounded da thousands of people. And every emotional reason to unmask him.

Most importantly, she may have been reliving the first...
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Well firstly, I'd like to say that I watched the Australian Cast Recording (not being lucky enough to see it in life) and the staging/costumes/set were superb! Really, in some scenes I felt as if I were looking at a real bar/circus/etc that one might go into on a weekend quite casually.
The Canto was equally wonderful from most parties - I particularly enjoyed Ben Lewis as the Phantom, the recitazione mostly on the same level. However, I much prefer the songs of the original Phantom of the Opera.
And now for the plot. Christine, now married to the suddenly amaro Raoul, and with a musically talented...
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