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April 13 at 06:35PM EDT da Melinda Taub @

Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester). Blair and Chuck. They are, perhaps, the most beloved romance in all of Gossip Girl history. With Season 6 possibly wrapping up their love/hate Amore story (whether it'll be with a pretty bow is yet to be determined), we take a look back over every fate-driven moment of Chair’s complex Amore story.

Season 1

The limo
Where it all began. For two such classy people, gettin’ it on in the backseat is pretty out of character — even if it is the backseat of a limo. But Chuck always brings out Blair’s...
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Lmao! it's just hilarious:

Dorata: Miss Blair, te no longer held hostage da evil Prince Louis.
Blair: Oh yay! Now I can really get my hands on that wild forest atop my boyfriend's head!
Chuck: I don't think you're ready for this jelly.
Nate: No one is ready for that jelly. Why can't I have a onesie?
Chuck: Cause you're not Chuck Bass.
Nate: Wah, problems with Lola.
Chuck: I have a canguro tattoo.
Nate: ...........
Serena: What are te gonna do now that you're free of the French Terminator?
Blair: Screw your ex, DUH!
Serena: Oh right, I'm happy for you. Too bad te can't be a princess anymore....
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Because we Amore you, we took one for the team and settled in to watch this episode of–supposedly–Gossip Girl. Before we get into actually reviewing the episode, can we just say that we’re confused as to which mostra we’re watching since the two main characters did not share a SINGLE scene together? We’re not exaggerating — Blair and Serena failed to be in the same room at any point during 5.18. The closest thing we got to a Serena/Blair scene was Blair bitching to Humps about Serena walking into their shared magical bathroom and interrupting their terrible sex. How dare Serena use...
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