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spikes_girl posted on Dec 06, 2008 at 03:36PM
What's your favorite Andrew Wells quote?

Buffy: Welcome to Thunderdome.
Andrew: Two men enter...one man leaves.

Andrew: You won't let me go cause you think I'm evil! I admit, I went to the dark side, but just to pick up some stuff and now I'm good!
Buffy: And when were you good before?
Andrew: OK, technically never...

Andrew: Warren's captain Picard and you're Diana Troy. Deal with it.

And so many others! What's your favorite?

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più di un anno fa jackiehyde4eva said…
lol gotta love Andrew!
i love

Andrew: Where have you been? this funnel cake is kicking my ass (i may be getting some words wrong)
Wood: yeah those things are tricky

Buffy: This is Andrew hes kinda uh actually hes our hostage
Andrew: I prefer to think of myself as more of a guestage (yeah im going on memory here i cant be bothered to check the actual words)
più di un anno fa spikes_girl said…
ooh i got another one (i'm also going on memory)

buffy: kennedy, go search his stuff.
andrew: it's not in my stuff...it's in the silverware drawer. you didn't have any steak knives...
willow: you put your old murder weapon in with our utensils?!
andrew: i washed it...

più di un anno fa jackiehyde4eva said…

Andrew: im going in and you're coming with me
Anya: i am?
Andrew: well i tihnk you should drive coz that scotch(?) made me a little dizzy

Oh i also love when hes mouthing the Anya and Xander tape he recorded. God im on a real Andrew kick right now! do you know if therres a spot for him?
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più di un anno fa spikes_girl said…
no...but there should be one! hey i got one

andrew: this is anya and xander, interview 1 of "buffy: slayer of the vampyres".
anya: that's what you're calling it?
andrew: either that or "buffy: the slayer that knew no fear".
xander: i like that one!
andrew: thank you xander that's sweet of you...
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più di un anno fa jackiehyde4eva said…
Jonathan: We should've stayed in Mexico
Andrew: i didnt like it there everybody spoke mexicoan
Jonathan: You couldve learned it.you learned the entire klingon dictionary in 2 weeks
Andrew:that had much clearer transitive & intransitive rules ok? besides i cant keep having those nightmares
Jonathan: me niether. Desde abaja, te debora
Andrew: it eats you, starting with your bottom
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più di un anno fa spikes_girl said…
andrew: you're english right?
spike: yeah...
andrew: i've seen every episode of dr. who. not red dwarf though, cuz...
jonathan: cuz it's not out yet on DVD.
spike: WARREN!
più di un anno fa jackiehyde4eva said…
going with a one liner ( gonnas do a better one soonishly()

Andrew: these ropes itch
più di un anno fa spikes_girl said…
xander: what're you doing back in town?
andrew: you'll get nothing outta me, carpenter!
xander: we'll see about that.
più di un anno fa jackiehyde4eva said…
Buffy: Hey! i was intimidating here
Andrew: oh, sorry go ahead
più di un anno fa spikes_girl said…
this is from angel but what the heck! and i'm not sure i'm getting every word so bare with me

Andrew: spike? It's you! It's really you! i thought I was holding onto false hope but I knew you'd come back! you're...you're like gandalf the white resurrected from the pit of balrog. more beautiful than ever...he's alive frodo. he's alive!
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più di un anno fa jackiehyde4eva said…
haha ok kinda a long one i know its mainly Warren but i adore the interaction

Warren: She wont feel a thing just do it fast. cut her deep, cut her quick. it'll be over before she knows what hit her
Andrew: What if she squeals?
Warren: Better go for her thriat first
Andrew:Babe 2: Pig in the city was really underated
Warren: Dont think about babe
Andrew: Right
Warren: Your conan. your the destroyer, its you against nature. your the hunter, your primal, you live off the land. your Andrew. everyone knows you. you play by your own rules. its kill or be killed
Andrew: That'll do pig! (screams and leaps)
Warren: that is the worst attempt at pig slaughtering ive ever seeen
più di un anno fa spikes_girl said…
lol "babe 2: pig in the city was really underrated" and i don't think i'm getting these words right on this next one...

andrew: oh! hello there gentle viewers! you caught me catching up on an old favorite. it's wonderful to get lost in a story isn't it? all the heroics and adventure....don't they just take you away? *takes a puff of his pipe* *coughs* come with me now. if you will, gentle viewers, on a little tale i like to call, buffy: slayer of the vampyres.
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più di un anno fa SpanksU said…
Andrew: In my plan we are beltless

più di un anno fa spikes_girl said…
andrew: well played slayer.
jonathan: why didn't i get one of those?
andrew: this round to you, but the game is far from over...*smashes head*

and another one from seeing red...

andrew: he left me. he blew away and left me.
jonathan: oh god. the big house.
andrew: how could he do this to me? he promised we'd be together but he was just using me. he never really loved...hanging out with us.
più di un anno fa jackiehyde4eva said…
i just watched storyteller ( love that episode) sooo.... think i got words wrong

Jonathan: I dont deserve this i wasnt even that evil
Andrew:I thought you were evil
Jonathan: Really?
Andrew: sure i respected your ideas on evil projects and i thought you had good follow through
Jonathan:Thanks it nice that you noticed
più di un anno fa spikes_girl said…
jonathan/the first: did you get the gun?
andrew: yeah, it was in buffy's underwear drawer. she has nice things...
jonathan/the first: show me.
andrew: well i didn't take them, but there were thongs, and regular underpants...
jonathan/the first: show me the gun.
andrew: oh, here you go...
più di un anno fa jackiehyde4eva said…
lol i love how andrew does that (these words ARE worng)

Andrew: heres some ointment i used it on a rash once
Anya: Show me
Andrew: its gone now but it was all red and crusty and itchy in some places
Anya: show me the ointment you freak

Another one from end of days:

Andrew: Theres a box of sutures in case we wanna get stitchy with it
più di un anno fa spikes_girl said…
an one liner from chosen...

andrew: i have swimmer's ear...
più di un anno fa jackiehyde4eva said…
speaking of one liner- on from conversations with dead people

Andrew: i have shin splints
più di un anno fa spikes_girl said…
warren: wha-what the hell is that?
andrew: death star dude. wicked huh?
jonathan: thermal exhaust ports above me numb nuts.
andrew: for your information i'm using empire's revised designs from return of the jedi!
jonathan: ok, that's a flawed design-
warren: hey! ok, the thing is, since we're messing with the slayer, who could pummel the three of us into a sludgy substance, it might be a good idea to NOT call attention to ourselves!
jonathan: mmm-hmm.
andrew: i can paint over it, if you want...
più di un anno fa karnsb said…
Andrew: And then what? You think your little witch buddies gonna
stop with us? You saw her! She's a truck driving magic mamma!
And we've got maybe seconds before Darth Rosenburg grinds
everybody into Jawa burgers and not one of you bunch has the
midichlorians to stop her!
Xander: Wow. You've never had any tiny bit of sex, have you?
Anya: The annoying virgin has a point.

ALSO love the entire debate between Warren, Jonathan, and Andrew about which Bond was best, culminating in Andrew yelling something like:
"Timothy Dalton should get an Oscar and beat Sean Connery over the head with it!"
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più di un anno fa xXiTsCaRsOnXx said…
**After Spike & Principal Wood are fighting**
Andrew: Check out Spike and the principal... there's something going on there. Sexual tension you could cut with a knife!

xD Gotta love Andrew =)
più di un anno fa xXiTsCaRsOnXx said…
Warren as The First: Did you get the knife?
Andrew: Yeah. It wasn't easy. I had to meet this demon guy who sells all kinds of weird weapons and stuff.
Warren as The First: Okay, show me.
Andrew: Well, I didn't buy them, but, there were poison arrows, and this sort of collapsible sword...
Warren as The First: Show me the knife!

I think someone saif that but they didn't know all the words or something but i love how he does that with like buffy's underwear and his rash

più di un anno fa pegasaurusrex said…
I can't believe no one has added:
"I bored. Episode one bored."
I Love Andrew
più di un anno fa jackiehyde4eva said…
" This whole thing - whole thing - is being orchestrated by something called "The First." It's made up of all the evil in the whole world. Oh, there's also, uh, these guys. Uh, they-they-they work for The First. We don't know much about them except for they're very ugly and they're very mobile for blind people"
più di un anno fa gottalovesylar said…
I'm shocked no ones said this... that i've seen.

Andrew: I--I bet even covert operatives eat curly fries. They're really good.

Spike: Not as good as those onion blossom things.

Andrew: Ooh, I love those.

Spike: Yeah, me, too.

Andrew: It's an onion...and it's a flower. I--I don't understand how such a thing is possible.

Spike: See, the genius of it is you soak it in ice water for an hour so it holds its shape. Then you deep-fry it root-side up for about 5 minutes.

Andrew: Masterful.

Spike: Yeah. Tell anyone we had this conversation, I'll bite you.

Andrew: Right.
più di un anno fa LovingLucy said…
This is short, but I love when Buffy finds out that Eve is dead. She comes home, Andrew has his feet on the couch. She see him, he puts his feet on the floor, wipes the couch of and says "Sorry!"
più di un anno fa give-me-a-scone said…
Suprisingly, this one has not been mentioned yet..

Anya *barging into bathroom to find Andrew filming himself*
For God's sake Andrew! You've been in here for 30 minutes! What are you doing?
Andrew: Entertaining and educating.
Anya: Why can't you just masturbate like the rest of us?
più di un anno fa CaptainLogic13 said…