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First of all, I'm a straight girl, so this might be a little awkward. Anyway this is my lista of the superiore, in alto 10 prettiest animated chicks who have an amazing design that inspire me to draw beautiful women. This is just my secondo article, so please don't say anything too harsh.If te like my article, please become a fan. Enjoy and commento below :)

10) LOLA BUNNY (Space Jam)

The only girl with pelliccia on this list...She may be a bunny, but she is one pretty bunny! Why do te think all the guys were drooling over her in spazio Jam? I Amore her fluffy blonde hair and her cute bunny voice. I'm disappointed...
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It took me a long time to get this all put together. While I was make this lista my cuore just completely broke. It was really hard deciding what scenes would be included and which wouldn't. There's a lot of sad moments that unfortunately didn't make the cut. I had to watch many sad clips and it killed me to have to watch them, they broke my heart! I cried so many times and I'm a guy who hardly ever cries! Anyway please leave a commento telling me what te think, enjoy.

20.Ariel's Left Brokenhearted

I hate when people say this isn't sad and that Ariel doesn't work hard o deserve a happy...
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