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This movie is full of action and Amore as always, and with Kaitou Kid te will laugh
Detective Conan
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This is a lista of Heiji Hattori's Injuries. But I'm not pretty sure if this one's updated. But, here's some facts about it!

(Some injuries are minor but, they are counted. That's what they said.)

Heiji has been shown to receive the most amount of injuries out of the characters in the franchise. His injuries so far are:
10.2-6 - Heiji and Conan's head collide, raising bumps.
12.7-10 - Heiji and Conan's head collide, raising bumps.
19.8 - Shot in the belly da Detective Sakata
23.4-9 - Hit over the head and tossed overboard into the ocean
25.4-8 - Kazuha slaps Heiji after he bursts into her room demanding...
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Conan Edogawa
Sonoko Suzuki
Makoto Kyogoku
Kaitou Kid
Ran Mouri
Tomoko Suzuki
Jirokichi Suzuki
Ginzo Nakamori
Shiro Suzuki
Shintaro Chaki
Ayako Suzuki
Yuzo Tomizaw
Masumi Sera

Wristwatch Flashlight
Card Gun
Anywhere Ball Dispensing Belt
Power-Enhancing Kick Shoes
Hang Glider Cape
Part 1
Sonoko has decided to introduce Makoto to her parents. But while her father wholly approves of Makoto, especially as he is a fan of martial arts competitions himself, her mother in turn is strictly against a union between her younger daughter, as the prospective heir of the Suzuki Corporation, and...
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