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 "Want to have a wizard’s dual?”
"Want to have a wizard’s dual?”
Belle and Merlin had just finished their tea, and Merlin seemed almost jovial, when Archimedes came flying through the window, looking panicked. Belle sprang to her feet, panic filling her too.

“Archie, where’s Arthur?”

“He was chased da a hawk,” puffed Archimedes, “and ended up in Madame Mim’s house!”

“Madame Mim?” Merlin sprang to his feet at once. “Come on, Belle, my girl, we’ve got to save him!”

“I hope he’s alright,” Belle murmured, before they were both swept magically straight through Madame Mim’s front door. Madame Mim was a sorceress with just as much...
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I just decided to share on how I make my crossovers. This is also to help others who want to learn how to make crossovers. :)

Now making crossovers is a fun hobby, especially if you're pairing up your preferito characters.

So here's what te need to make a crossover:
1. foto Editing Program - this is the main thing that te need in making crossovers. te can use any program te like. I use link It's an online editing website and te don't need to pay o register. Just get in there. xD
2. Your favored pictures. te can merge numerous characters in one picture, your choice.

Tip#1: Use picture with...
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