Principesse Disney Disney Store 17'' Limited Edition Doll ELSA Round 4: Pick your LEAST preferito doll

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2019 Disney Store
2017 Disney Store (Olaf's Frozen Adventure)
2014 Disney Store
2020 Disney Store
2019 Saks Fifth Avenue
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 WhiteLagoon13 posted un mese fa
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WhiteLagoon13 picked 2017 Disney Store (Olaf's Frozen Adventure):
ROUND 1 ELIMINATION: 2015 Disney Store
ROUND 2 ELIMINATION: 2015 Disney Store (Frozen Fever)
ROUND 3 ELIMINATION: 2013 Disney Store

Like with Anna, we're down to the top 5... But here, there's only two (maybe three) dolls that I like. I think I'll go with this one because the face looks weird (@EmaSomolanyiova pointed out it looks like a Hasbro face and I can't unsee it now) and the outfit, which was gorgeous in Olaf's Frozen Adventure, looks a bit disappointing.
posted un mese fa.
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EmaSomolanyiova picked 2017 Disney Store (Olaf's Frozen Adventure):
posted un mese fa.
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LMH5113 picked 2019 Disney Store:
The outfit looks a bit cheap, my next choice would probably be the Christmas dress.
posted ·29 giorni fa.
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wavesurf picked 2019 Disney Store:
This and Olaf's Frozen Adventure garb.
posted ·29 giorni fa.
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ApplesauceDoctr picked 2019 Disney Store:
Her face looks so odd to me in this one.
posted ·28 giorni fa.