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Come d’incanto
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Come d’incanto
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this is all MY opinion. I'm sorry if i affond any one. I would have put this in the Nick vs. Disney spot but no one goes there so i had to do it here.

Disney: I really like Disney stars like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and a lot più but i think più Disney stars turn nasty. Like Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Lindsy Lohan, Vannesssa Hudgens and some more. I'm not saying it's Disneys fault though
Nick: I think it's not fair because Disney stars get più attenntion. I really like Nick stars cause I think they are più down to earth and kind. Not saying that Disney stars aren't. So Nick...
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This is completely my opinion. No rude commenti please. 5. Kida. This girl is SO underrated when it comes to looks. She has beautiful blue eyes(Best Disney eyes in my opinion)tanned skin, and white hair. I also Amore the marks on her face. 4. Pocahontas. This girl is effin gorgeous. She's a freakin supermodel! She can stop a racist guy from shooting her because of her beauty! Her dark eyes have so much soul in them, and she has the best hair in my opinion. 3. Aurora. She had a spell cast on her at birth to make her beautiful! They don't call her 'Sleeping BEAUTY' for nothin! With beautiful...
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