Elvis Aaron e Lisa Marie Presley Wall

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charro1 detto …
Elvis an d Lisa had a special bond between them. te can see the Amore they have forever in the way they look at eachother. postato più di un anno fa
big smile
anouk1998 detto …
I have the dedicated fan medal!!!!!
I'm soooooooo happy!!!!
Elvis & Lisa forever ♥ postato più di un anno fa
anouk1998 detto …
16th August
R.I.P. Elvis Presley
We miss te and we Amore you
Forever King of Rock and Roll postato più di un anno fa
anouk1998 detto …
IF te want to carica some images,please only Lisa and Elvis images....
thanks!!!! postato più di un anno fa
big smile
anouk1998 detto …
Thanks to everyone!!!!
kisses,Anouk postato più di un anno fa
MJJ07 commentato…
You're welcome sister ! più di un anno fa
anouk1998 commentato…
kisses...I ♥ te più di un anno fa