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Does anyone know how to change the spot icon/banner if the creator of the spot 'abandoned' it?

Some spots have really really old pics and the fan wants something new. We tried to figure out how to change it but couldn't come up with anything :(
 McDreamyluva posted più di un anno fa
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harold said:
1. te make the icona and/or banner.

2. te post it in the image section.

3. te start a message thread in the forum, for discussing the change. In that forum thread, te also point to #4 & #5, below.

4. te post a pick with an end date, asking users to vote to keep the original icona o to change to the new one.

5. te post a pick with an end date, asking users to vote to keep the original banner o to change to the new one.

Note: the end data should be long enough to allow for enough fan to respond, but not ongoing. 2-4 weeks is probably good.

6. If the users vote to make a change to the icona and/or banner, send a message to the staff (using the "contact us" feature) with:
a) the name of the club
b) the URL(s) of the completed picks, mostrare that users wanted the change
c) the url of the new icon
d) the url of the new banner

7) The staff makes the change.


Just as an aside: having a consistent look to a club - particularly with regards to the icon, not so much the banner - is considered da many users to be a good thing, since the icona visually represents the club, and any change to a club's icona creates a lot of confusion for users across the site who then can't as easily identify the club. So that may explain the resistance te may find in picks against change. Still, if a majority of the users who do pick vote to make a change, it's all good.
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posted più di un anno fa 
thanks so much! :)
McDreamyluva posted più di un anno fa
ImAnEasel posted più di un anno fa
Thanks for this!
delenasalvatore posted più di un anno fa
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