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@The CW Network -Gilmore Girls: A anno In The Life begins Monday, November 23 on The CW!
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I just found this on FF roaming thought articles, and thought it was brilliant!
Disclaimer: Not written da me, it is the property of "daviderl" the FF author.

I Just Like To See te Happy

It is Rory's last night in Stars Hollow before leaving to follow Obama on the campaign trail. Sookie told Lorelai the idea of the surprise party and sewing together the tarps and tents to cover the square from the rain was all Luke's doing. Lorelai went looking for him.

As Lorelai walked away from Sookie she saw Luke in the diner. She passed Kirk, Taylor and Babette on the way and they spoke to her but she didn't...
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Gilmore Girls season 3 episode 8 Rory & Jess.
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season 3
episode 8
Una mamma per amica
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