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posted by Crime-Drama-Bee
All of these are in my own opinion. The articolo is not about the actual quality of the songs, but più of their use in the show. A short note is included after the titolo to note the main issue(s). "Done intentionally" means that the faults were acknowledged in the show.

1.    Cell Block Tango - Poor song choice and offensive; done intentionally. The girls just found out that someone is in an abusive relationship. This was probably one of the worst songs they could have chosen to sing. As detto in the show, it was da a bunch of violent, crazy women who killed their significant...
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posted by Crime-Drama-Bee
lista of nicknames used on Glee (Source: Glee Wiki, some from memory). A few have been left out so if te can think of any just post in comments)
Rach, A-Rach, Babe, (Finn)
Miss Bossy Pants, Eva Peron (Mercedes)
RuPaul, Man Hands, Treasure Trail, Stubbles, That Thing, Sweetie (Quinn)
Yentl (Dakota, Santana)
Boy Hips (Lauren)
Benedict Arnold (Kurt)
Dwarf, Midget, Hobbit (Santana)
Barbra Streisand (Suzy Pepper)
Lady, Michele (Sue)
Baby, My Hot Little Jewish American Princess (Puck)
The Jew (YouTube user)

Finnocence (Santana)
Frankenteen (Santana, Dakota Stanley, Sue)
Sugar raggio, ray (Sue)
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I am just burrowing these spoilers from link and I didn't link it because they could change the url of their tumblr.

They are quite general ‘spoilers’ but as always take with a grain of salt.

- very old school Brittany/Santana and Brittany/Santana/Sue interactions. Felt like season one again.
- cute teacher/teacher interactions.
- Quinn is very interesting this episode. I felt for her and cared a lot even though she left me cold last season.
- Faberry fan will Amore a certain scene.
- Klaine fan will be satisfied. Blaine fan especially.
- a scene in the cafeteria starts seriously...
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