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posted by edwestwick
Story: "I missed you"

Author: edwestwick (Ana)

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip Girl.

Summary: “"Not happy to see your amazing boyfriend after five long days?" I asked smirking.”

Don't kill me I will update ‘Don’t leave me behind’ soon promise! Please leave a commento and thanks for reading.

I'm all giddy with excitement as I'm getting out of my limo. I know she will be here. She's not at our place so I figured she will come here as she likes to do when I'm away and she's not with Serena o her Friends from NYU. Blair always had thing for parks just like I have a thing for rooftops. Feeding ducks and all this stuff. I sometimes come with her when we wants to go out without being in spotlight of paparazzi who are following us all the time since I started my business career. We can just walk around and be alone outside our suite. We moved in together in her secondo year. I wanted to ask her as soon as she started college but I knew it was too soon. She thought it was too soon when I asked too but I convinced her of course. I always can I thought with a smirk. One of the reasons I wanted to sposta in was so when I go away for business trips I know she's there waiting for me. But I Amore the moments when I come back best obviously.

I see her standing near a bench in her brown cappotto with her Cioccolato curls flying around her face. She looks lovely as always. God I missed her. She didn't notice me yet so I walk to her from behind and cover her eyes with my hands. She turns around squealing and I take her in my arms smiling.

"Chuck! What are te doing here? I thought you'll be in Madrid to Friday!"

"I came back earlier and when I saw you're not home I knew you'll be here so I came to find you."

"But why didn't te tell me when we talked this morning?" She asked with this beautiful smile I love.

"I wanted to surprise you... and check to make sure te don't have other boyfriend when I'm away." I detto knowing I will get her all worked up da this. Which I did I assumed from the slap my arm received.

"Very funny Basshole."

"Not happy to see your amazing boyfriend after five long days?" I asked smirking.

"You know I am." She assured me. "I missed you." She whispered baciare me lightly. My smirk turned into this lovesick smile I couldn't wear off when I was with her o even thinking about my girlfriend. That's right she's all mine so better stay away if you're a guy.

"I missed te too baby." That made her smile widen even more. I wasn't all into pet names but she loved when I call her that and secretly I did too not that I would ever admit it.
"Come on we should go I'm sure you're tried after your flight." I Amore it how she cares about me like no one ever did. I kissed her before answering.

"We should but I'm not that tried to let some welcome activities I'm hoping for pass." She laughed though I saw lust fill her eyes.

"Well I planned something for Friday and you're early but I guess te deserve some proper hello."

"I would hope so." I kissed her hard once più and took her hand as we started walking in our building direction.

"Where's your limo?" As she asked I thought it wasn't the best idea to send my driver away. God I hated waiting!

"I gave Arthur giorno off since it's only ten minuti to our place." She nodded and we continued our way.

Once I opened the door I grabbed her and dragged with me to our bedroom baciare her all the time. As we fall on our letto I once again remembered how much I loved coming back.
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