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Hermionicole better known as Trish was probably my best friend here on fanpop,she was genuine and kind and sweet and just over all a great person! But we Lost her way to soon! She had just graduated school and she was gonna conquer the world! She always came to me for consigli and I always tried giving her the best consigli a best friend could give! She was so zealous! And eager yet scared and so unsure of herself! She was quite timid and shy but deep down inside I know there was a fuoco cracker waiting to explode! She was a great person to just sit and talk to because she was never negative,she would always make te feel like te were the most important person in the room! And she always put a smile on my face! The few short months I was gifted to know her I will cherish forever!!! We loved te Trish,and even though te aren't here any più te will forever be loved! Thank te so much for being my friend!

Patricia Nicole Benny
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