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Here's an interivew with Ricky Whittle (Hollyoaks), Rob Kazinski (Eastenders) & Jamie Lomas (Hollyoaks) with What's On TV! at the British Soap Awards 2008.
british soap awards
what's on tv
ricky whittle
jamie lomas
rob kazinski
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Zak's little sister Hayley arrives in the village successivo week and immediately causes a stir in Zak's life.

Not only does Hayley manage to clash with Michaela within minuti of arriving, she also has Zak's blood boiling when he catches her in letto with Archie!

Ladies man Archie isn't exactly the type of guy you'd like your sister to date, so te can imagine Zak's horror at the thought of his sister sleeping with him.

An angry Zak even punches Archie, infuriating Hayley who is adamant she'll live her life the way she pleases.

Can Hayley and Zak mend their relationship, o has Zak taken it a step to far? Tune in successivo week to see Hayley arrive in the village.
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Things are set to really heat in Hollyoaks in the coming weeks when Kris finds himself embroiled in a Amore triangolo with Ravi and Nancy! Amore cheats Ravi and Nancy are both completely unaware that they are both cheating with the same person.

After a few too many glasses of wine and a cosy chat at Nancy's flat, Nancy and Kris find themselves in letto together

When a guilt stricken Nancy dumps Ravi in the spur of the moment, Ravi find solace in Kris' arms! With Kris behaving like the cat that got the cream, how long before his sexual ventures are discovered? And will this spell the end for Nancy and Ravi?
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hannah and justin
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I can exclusively reveal that and remember te heard it here first.
Warren and Justin are to bow out of Hollyoaks in a dramatic fuoco storyline in the last week of May!

Chris fontana and Jamie Lomas, who play the show's resident bad boys Justin burton and Warren volpe respectively, will bow out in a storyline which sees their characters caught in a fuoco at The Loft.

Warren's past comes back to haunt him when an old adversary returns to the village and with neither prepared to bury the accetta, ascia di guerra and sposta on, his enemy decides to settle their score once and for all. As The Loft blazes, Justin becomes...
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He's been keeping his head down lately, but in the successivo few weeks Justin (Chris Fountain) finds himself on the wrong side of the law after a run with Ash (Junade Khan).

When Hannah (Emma Rigby) decides to head off to a box auto, garage to find a part for Josh's motorbike, she gets più than she bargained for when the creepy mechanic won't leave her alone. As she desperately tries to ring Ash for help, his phone rings out as he's too busy chatting up girls in the SU Bar!

Justin however, risposte his phone and taking Ash's car keys, takes it upon himself to rescue Hannah. Hannah's relieved when Justin turns...
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Here's the Hollyoaks backstage video for Sinead Moynihan (Beth Clements) as she films on-location her final scenes on the show.
hollyoaks backstage
sinead moynihan
andrew moss
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