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posted by edisonmandarin
A Beautiful and Romantic Legend

There are many stories as to the origins of ; Seventh Eve,and one of them involves the Cowherd and Weaver Maid who will meet on a bridge of magpies across the Milky Way once a year. It is a beautiful and touching legend which is most widely spreaded among Chinese people.

Long time ago, there was a poor and young farmer,known as the cowherd. His parents died early and he lived with his elder brother and sister-in-law. He was mistreated da them, who eventually gave him an old ox and a small cottage and chased him out. From then on, he lived in the cottage with...
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posted by katieliang
Chinese New anno o Spring Festival is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. It is sometimes called the "Lunar New Year" da English speakers. The festival traditionally begins on the first giorno of the first mese (Chinese: 正月; pinyin: zhēng yuè) in the Chinese calendar and ends on the 15th; this giorno is called Lantern Festival. Chinese New Year's Eve is known as chú xī. It literally means "Year-pass Eve".

Chinese New anno is the longest and most important festivity in the Lunar Calendar. The origin of Chinese New anno is itself centuries old and gains significance because...
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posted by babelhannah
What’s going on with China?
•    With 1.3 billion people China has the largest population in the world.
•    Largest group of middle class urban consumers in the world (over 200 million).
•    Number one destination for foreign investment.
•    The world’s third largest economy in the world.
•    The fastest growing economy in the world.

China is the manufacturer and supplier of the world. If te want to complete in the international arena in any profession, speaking Mandarin is essential...
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posted by katieliang
About MyChineselearning.com
General Introduction

MCL established operation in Beijing in 2006, providing value added services for a telecommunication company and a distance e-learning service.

MyChineseLearning.com (MCL) provides a teaching and studying platform for overseas language learners and local Chinese teachers, who are trying to build a genuine community of Chinese learning and a culture sharing portal.
MCL is one of most respected online Chinese language schools in the world. We provide students wishing to learn Mandarin Chinese with an effective platform that helps them achieve their...
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posted by mandarinfans
iMandarin is the most famous Mandarin school in Shanghai, which has 6 campuses at center of Shanghai City, all of them are very easy to reach and find. Inner-decoration are traditionally designed, matched with Chinese culture, the arrangement is good for study at our Chinese school. The total number of teachers at link has reached about 200.

◆ Shanghai Centre Campus
Next to the well-known Portman Ritz Carlton Hotel, iMandarin Shanghai Centre Headquarters is located on Nanjing West Road, the most vibrant commercial district in Shanghai, with convenient transportation and numerous world-class...
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After talking with that local mom of a two-year-old, I decided to add più Chinese/bilingual libri with CD/VCD/DVD into link (see link), so that children and parents can listen to the story narrated in clear Chinese via CDs, o watch the videos, which is often accompanied with animated cartoons, via TV o computer.

One day, when I searched online for Chinese/bilingual libri with CD/VCD/DVD, I run into a video mostrare a Chinese little boy using a specially designed electronic pointer pen to touch pages in a colorful children’s picture book.

When the electronic pointer pen touches the pages,...
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 chinese kung fu coach
chinese kung fu coach
success story :
Another Online Chinese Culture problem solved!
David Amore chinese culture,he want to learn più from chinese ,he find his tutor yanghui.
teach him 《The art of war》,now he can give a lecture to his colleagues.
Another Chinese Science Problem solved!
My daughter Living in beijing ,she study in international school. but her physics is Poor
grades . her chinese physics tutor xuyong give her a boost on the physics. Final examination 80 points, thanks.
Another Corporate Training solved !
Our China Division need improve Mandarin,Our chinese tutor wanghua. he teach not only on
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This e-book offers a selection of the most popolare Mandarin Chinese words in contemporary China. It will help te learn, practice, and use AUTHENTIC Chinese words that are actually used da most Chinese people. Selected and edited da eChineseLearning's professional Chinese teaching staff, this book offers the best collection of its kind and will be a great companion for any Mandarin Chinese learner! Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Get this e-book for FREE? Sign up for ourlink!

Table of Content
Chapter One : superiore, in alto Ten Most popolare Daily Chinese Words (2010 Edition)
第一章 : 汉语十大生活流行词汇...
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posted by lilysmile
How to learn Chinese? This is the most important problem for Chinese learner. Though I am not good at English, my Chinese is very good, because I
am a Chinese. Then let me answer this question. o te can cerca this website; believe te can find the answer quickly.
Just as we know, “Interest is the best teacher”. The reason that a lot of people learn Chinese is interested in Chinese. The interest can be trained. How to train the interest of learning Chinese? How to arouse the enthusiasm of learning Chinese? The following is some my opinions, everybody may discuss.

1. Don’t regard learning...
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posted by edisonmandarin
Chinese Valentine's Days
The seventh giorno of the seventh mese of the lunar calendar (August according to the Gregorian calendar),which falls on the 26th of August this year, is a traditional Chinese festival called “The Seventh Eve” o " Double Seventh Day". It is a traditional festival,full of romance and important to ancient ladies. Many people consider the Double Seventh giorno as the Chinese Valentine's Day.
A well-known poem
One of the most famous poems about the legend was written da Qin Guan of in the Song Dynasty (960-1279).
Fairy Of The gazza Bridge

Among the beautiful clouds,
Over the heavenly river,
Crosses the weaving maiden.

A night of rendezvous,Across the autumn sky.
Surpasses joy on earth.

Moments of tender Amore and dream,
So sad to leave the gazza bridge.
Eternal Amore between us two,
Shall withstand the time apart

più info about Chinese Valentine's Days,pls enter www.learnchinese.sg
posted by katieliang
In order to help foreigners whose mother tongue is not Chinese to learn Chinese and pass Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), we designed a series of Chinese HSK test courses. The HSK test courses are designed in terms of the HSK test outline and the habits of foreigners' language acquisition, and the Chinese HSK test courses also cover the latest research achievement of teaching Chinese as foreign language. Thus, the HSK test courses can satisfy any requests from all kinds of students, and can improve their abilities to handle the test in Chinese listening, speaking, Leggere and writing.

After enrollment,...
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posted by edisonmandarin
In ancient China, The Seventh Eve was not only a special giorno for lovers, but also for single girls. As early as the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD), people start to celebrate the Seventh Eve in China.
On double seventh giorno couples go to matchmaker temples to pray for everlasting Amore and marriage. Young ladies would frequent the temple in the hope of finding satisfactory husbands. In addition, unmarried girls would hold other activities to celebrate it in their courtyard. Actually, What was behind their celebration was their desire for becoming skilled crafts women like the Weaving Maid. They aspired...
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I have noticed that many people are asking such a question: is learning Chinese difficult? Maybe they already defined that Chinese language is one of the most difficult languages in the world. However, if te take the time to really learn the language and culture, te will likely find it is earsier to learn Chinese than te thought.
One thing that may cause people to think they cannot learn Chinese is the Chinese alphabet. Most people imagine the pictogram characters when they think of Scrivere in Chinese. For individuals accustomed to the Roman alphabet, the highly stylized characters can be...
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posted by katieliang
Learn Chinese Culture Course : Elementary Level

After learning Chinese Pinyin systematically, te will know Chinese language very well and also establish a framework of understanding Chinese language as a whole. te would learn 300 Chinese words and 120 useful sentences, in that case, te are capable of carrying on basic conversation with Chinese people, and even express your needs da yourself. Meanwhile, te could also understand some culture knowledge in China, such as Chinese martial arts, calligraphy, food, traditional festivals, so and so forth.

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Prologue:Hello everyone, welcome to unisciti Chinese cast to learn Chinese. I’m a Chinese teacher Lily from link eChineseLearning offers online, one-on-one, live Chinese lessons! te can have a free trial lesson at:www.echineselearning.com! Enjoy your Chinese lesson with our best Chinese teacher!
Christmas is coming; have te prepared your Natale gifts? If te are in china, te should know some special things when te give present to your Chinese friends. Ok. Listen to this dialogue.
Sheng4 dan4 jie2 wo3 yao4 qu4 nan2 peng2...
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I think it is very useful to learn Chinese Mandarin in China and chinese kung fu.
Since China is known to be the most influential economic world power today, più and più people are mostrare greater interest in working and doing business with China on a più than regular basis. In order to achieve this, one have to learn the language and study the Chineseculture in order to have a better understanding.

To learn china kung fu to defend and protect yourself and it is good way to link
in shaolin way in china linkor cool mountain.

This trend, of being Mandarin fluent, is seen all around the world where...
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posted by mmpudong504
Miracle Mandarin Language School, Shanghai College of International Education, from anno 2004, is a well established Chinese language school based in Shanghai.
With a team of Chinese Language teaching experts, the school specializes in Teaching Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language to expatriates and international students.
The school offers 3 to 6 months short term intensive Chinese program, 1 mese crash course, long term Chinese program, total immersion Chinese program, summer program and corporate language program.
The school provides legal documents for qualified student to get...
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posted by katieliang
Easy way to learn speaking Chinese

In term of "speed, useful and practical", we designed this course "24 Hours Chinese" which can help learners feel Chinese language environment, improve the skills of Chinese listening and speaking, meanwhile students also can know several necessary knowledge of working and studying in China. This course not only can improve your Chinese language knowledge but also can promote your capacity for Chinese language management. It is on the basis of life, and can mostra an entire real life in China for you.

Scene 1: Greetings!

Scene 2: Thank you!

Scene 3: I am Bill.

Scene 4: Today is monday.

Scene 5: Go to Guomao please!

Scene 6: I want beef.

With the rise of China as an economic and cultural global power, più people than ever are seeking to master the Chinese language. However, with the hustle and bustle of modern life, it is difficult for people going to school to have the Chinese lessons. So the best choice for most people is to learn Chinese online, due to the time constraints that come with modern life. But the new problem is that there are so many Chinese teaching schools online, how can we select the most suitable one for ourselves? When choosing an online Chinese school, there are many things to consider. te should take...
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posted by Etonlan
1. Chinese is the language of nearly 1/4 of the World's Population. Speakers of Chinese not only live in China, Taiwan, and Singapore, but also spread throughout Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe, where large Chinese communities congregate.
2. Learn Chinese to get ahead in the business world. With the rapid economical development, China's position on the international stage is getting più and più important. To take advantage of this huge economic shift and opportunities, learning Chinese is a great way to take an advantage in the increasingly competitive business world. Proficient...
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