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I have a confession to make. I must be one of the few viewers of television’s "LOST" who does not dislike the series' lead character, Dr. Jack Shephard. Before anyone makes the assumption that he is a preferito character of mine, let me make one thing clear. He is not. But for some strange reason, I do not dislike Jack.

For the past three o four seasons, many "LOST" fan have ranted consistently against Jack’s faults. Mind you, he is not the only flawed character in the series. In fact, most of the major charactes seemed to possess some very serious...
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[Sun and Claire on the beach.]

SUN: It's been 4 days.

CLAIRE: te know, that's not that long. They detto it could take up to 2 weeks to find a current. I mean, Michael knew what he was doing. I doubt anything...

[Sun notices that her wedding ring is gone. She starts frantically looking around and speaking in Korean.]

CLAIRE: What? What?

[Sun continues looking for her ring and speaking Korean.]

CLAIRE: Sun, what's wrong?

SUN: My wedding ring, it's gone.

[FLASHBACK to Sun putting a hair pin in her hair. Her mother enters.]

MRS. PAIK: [Subtitle: You're not planning on wearing that, are you?]

SUN: [Subtitle:...
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Speaker was a vital part of the Lost Experience. Here he risposte some reader mail he received.
season 3
season 2
Lost experience
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