servanttosilk posted on Aug 27, 2015 at 07:18AM
Holy Cow! Did you see 5/9 yet?!?!? OMG!?!?!? Freaking AWESOME!!!! If you are Canadian and have a Canadian URL get your butts off to ShowCase pronto and catch the sneak peak of 5/9!! The whole Frigging thing!!!! Hurry! I need to talk to someone who can appreciate this! Not what I exactly thought would happen, but o.k.! I'm doing handstands at 3:18 a.m. This is like Christmas! OMG!

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più di un anno fa servanttosilk said…
How are you guys NOT commenting on these last episodes. I have a fan page all to myself? It's like being on the upper east side of New York Early Sunday Morning in August! Well, I thought Lauren was just an Aeifa clone (someone- somewhere help me with this spelling!), but Episode 10 proved me wrong. Did you notice how happy Zoie looked making Anna do arm raises? Props to whoever wrote these scripts - I haven't been this impressed in a while. I thought Kenzie would show up a little later in the series so this was a surprise, I would have liked to see Bo bring her up to speed on Tamsin, but that will remain a lost wish.
LLheart commented…
I think it's spelled Aife (after 5 seasons I am still not 100% certain myself either) LoL So happy that Kenzi is back! I enjoyed every single secondo of her in 510! Gods I missed her badly.... più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa servanttosilk said…
Well kids, two more episodes left! Episode 14 was Awesome- LLHeart you should be happy Kenzi came back in a big way! So do you think Tamsin will give birth in episode 15 or will Bo cut it out of her? I forgot what violent jerks Eric Roberts had portrayed in the past....yes - he was perfect for this part. Yet again another fabulous script! I'm sure Evony and Mark will probably get killed in this next episode and they burn the clubhouse down. We'll see - they have been saying Bo sucks Chi from everyone, so maybe this is the episode she kills everyone to get enough power to defeat her father. I'm so disappointed for Vex - what a crappy way to go.
LLheart commented…
2 più episodes indeed! Le sigh...I still can't avvolgere my brain around the fact that it will soon be over.That Oz episode was awesome indeed. I didn't have that fun since the ConFaegion (S3E03) and the Original Skin (S2E09) So happy that Kenzi is back! (Kiss me BoBo! LoL) Ksenia's recitazione is like a breath of fresh air. Also Lola is my animal spirit! :P And yeahh Eric Roberts is hands down the best LG villain! Although it really sucks that Vex is dead! Can't believe that my precious Mesmer had such a fate! And no they better not kill Evony off! That would be way too cruel for my poor dark fae heart. Mark on the other hand... Anyway still mourning over Aife's death. WHY???? And as much as I wanted to do the same for Trick (especially after that heartbreaking scene with Bo-Anna Silk totaly nailed it) the Blood King deserved it! Where was that ring te gave to Kenzi a few seasons fa shady Trick?! più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa servanttosilk said…
am totally floored with the way this show ended - I thought Skarsten acted her ass off! She was great in her death scene! Not only did Vex not die, but he got his voice back! And he hooked up with Mark! I feel like we missed a couple of webisodes somewhere!

DAGNEE = Spin OFF?!?!?!?! I keep forgetting to look and see if that wasn't the same actress they had for pre-teen Tamsin in season 4. I know they were going to "tie up the loose ends" but I have 4500 more questions now because this was really ripe for pick up and spin off. What do you think? Maybe in two years when Jay needs easy money he might have this ready to promote?

Would you watch a spin off based on Dagnee and her journey? Especially if they recasted the show with younger actors to play Bo, Lauren, Kenzi, and Dyson?
più di un anno fa LLheart said…
What a huge let down! Especially that last Dal scene! That's not a way to end a tv series...so very disappointed. What a crappy finale. Feels like XWP all over again!
Everything felt rushed and choppy dispite the amount of filler.
The show kind of ended on a cliffhanger and it's hard to believe that there isn't going to be a 6th season with so many unresolved (major or minor) issues that haven't been properly addressed or given an adequate closure (see Evony). It's a shame that we didn't get a closure for The Morrigan. I really missed her in the final episode!
And to hell with teen Dagny! Watch a spin off?! Are U kidding me? I don't give a shit about her journey.
Ten years later and not a tiny intel.Loose ends you said?
Well I still find it hard to believe the show is over.For all of it's faults, and even in spite of them, it will always hold a special place in my heart.Going to miss the gang! The original S1 gang!
To hell with Mark & all the filler characters! I wouldn't mind for any plans to continue the show in another form (mini-series, movie, spin-off, webisodes? You name it) but only in the immediate future and with the same actors. I want neither a recast nor my hair turning to gray.