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I was watching ‘The Adventures of Merlin’ for the first time. Arthur and Merlin were walking together down the path, when my eyes went out of focus.
I had never seen ‘The Adventures of Merlin’ before, o had seen any previews for it, but the two characters seemed, familiar as though I had seen them millions of times across the screen, in grand adventures together. I suddenly realised they were much like two people I knew very well on the screen.
Those two people were Peter and Edmund Pevensie, from ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’
They were so similar I thought they were the same actors,...
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People just need to respect and Amore what’s canon. So I’ll say it once and for all :

- Merlin and Freya are meant to be, aka soulmates ❤️

- Arthur and Guinevere belong together and are perfect for each other ❤️

- Merlin and Arthur are best friends, they’re like brothers. So people REALLY need to STOP “shipping” them because that’s just SO wrong. So so so wrong... Just plain inappropriate, disrespectful, revolting and just disgraceful . Remember this is a family show. They.are.just.friends.

There. All I wanted to say.

5. Merlin

Merlin I think has this different sort of handsomeness. He's not your classic blonde haired, tough, physically fit guy. He's kind on the scawny side but I think he's cute enough to make the superiore, in alto 5. He has a really nice face and I Amore his hair. And his eyes I adore his eyes. They are such a brilliant blue. Merlin is proof that a person doesn't have to meet the typical standards to be good looking.

4. Mordred

Don't get me wrong he was a really cutie pie when he was younger, but all things considered I'm not referring to adorable little Mordred. I'm talking about the teenage Mordred....
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