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michael jackson had me breathless part12-15

Part Twelve
I reached my room and worried my way over to my suitcase. Pulling out my notebook, I settled in to work. What seemed like an ora passed. My feelings had switched from worry to a feeling that someone had been in the room before me. I set down my pen, turned and observed the room. It was then that I noticed a small piece of paper lying on the floor. Maybe it was a note from Michael. I picked it up and read: I SAW te LAST NIGHT WITH MY MAN. te KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF HIM o ELSE... THIS IS MY LAST WARNING. I stared at the note disbelieving. Who was this person and how did she keep getting in? I had to tell Michael. I took the note and made my way to the studio, waving goodbye to Mark as I left. I decided to walk. I was slightly angered, but also a little afraid. This woman was bold, definitely bold. She also outsmarted the guards and the security systems, so that made her smart and persistent. No matter what she was, I was growing tired of it, and also feared for Michael's and my safety. I finally reached the studio. I pulled open the door and prepared my ears to be met with booming sound. It was odd because the studio was completely silent. I didn't want to disturb anything, so I crept toward the big room. Midway, I decided to get Michael his cup of hot water. I backtracked to the back room where I found a coffeemaker. I grabbed the pot and crept back towards the main room. At that moment, I heard a low moan. "Wow." I thought to myself. "Michael must be really getting into his vocals." I walked into the studio. What I saw made me drop the coffee pot... Michael's lips were glued to the woman's lips as she straddled him on the control panel...

Part Thirteen
The coffeepot fell to the floor with a crash and shattered. Hot water washed over my shoes but I didn’t notice. Shock took over as I witnessed the scene before me. Michael’s hands were gripping the woman’s midsection. Her face was locked to his, her hands running through his hair. The crashing p
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