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This Michael Jackson foto contains completo, vestito di affari, vestito, vestito di abiti, and vestito dei vestiti. There might also be vestito di vestito, vestito pieno, frac, code, cravatta bianca, cravatta bianca e le code, abito vestito, cravatta bianca e code, due pezzi, vestito salotto, lounge tuta, singolo vestito petto, and single breasted suit.

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The successivo morning, Rosabel woke up with a start to the usual campana, bell and shouting. She groaned and wished she could go back to sleep but then remembered who was coming that day. She jumped out of letto and ran over to her small wardrobe. Even though Rosabel didn't have many clothes, she picked out her favourite rosa dress and blue socks. Then she looked at herself in the cracked mirror that was on the bacheca and tried to untangle her hair. After about a minuto of running her fingers through her blonde hair, she took out a red ribbon that had lain in the wardrobe for weeks and put it in her sock, hoping...
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posted by NikkiLovesMJ
Goodbye My Soul Friend
Goodbye My Soul Friend
Goodbye My Soul Friend

The Dance Is Over
Still The Beat Goes On
THe Pulse Of A Generation
THe Heartbeat Of Your Song
Your Life te Lived It Off The Wall
Your Life te Sacrificed So Much te Gave It All

Goodbye My Soul Friend But Still Your Voice
Echoes Down Through THe Streets Out Of Neverland
Echoes Round Round THe World Back To Neverland

Your Reign Is Over
Still The Dream Survives
THe King Of A Generation
Who Grew Up In Your Eyes
Your Life te Lived It Off The Wall
Your Life te Sacrificed So Much te Gave It All

Goodbye My Soul Friend But Still Your Voice
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fan of MICHAEL JACKSON have been hit hard da the star’s death – 12 devotees have allegedly killed themselves following the tragic news. The King Of Pop passed away on Thursday (25Jun09) from a cardiac arrest and millions of his fan worldwide went into mourning. But several of them found it too hard to cope and subsequently ended their own lives, according to the founder of an online Jackson fanclub.
Gary Taylor, president and owner of MJJcommunity.com, says, “I know there has been an increase (in deaths), I now believe the figure is 12. It is a serious situation that these people are...
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go on girl!

Hey pretty baby with the
high heels on
you give me fever
like I've never, ever known
you're just a product of
I like the groove of
your walk,
your talk, your dress
I feel your fever
from miles around
I'll pick te up in my car
and we'll paint the town
just baciare me baby
and tell me twice
that you're the one for me

The way te make me feel
(the way te make me feel)
you really turn me on
(you really turn me on)
you knock me off of my feet
(you knock me off of
my feet)
my lonely days are gone
(my lonely days are gone)

I like the feelin' you're
givin' me
just hold me baby and I'm
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