Monkey D. Rufy If te could have the abilities of any of the Straw hats, which ones would te choose???

Pick one:
Luffy. He is the strongest and the Awesomest!
Zoro. He is just too cool! He can cut steel!!
Nami. Who wouldn't want to control the weather!?
Usopp. He can attack from a distance! And I Amore Sogeking! <3
Sanji.Who wouldn't want to cook like a pro and kick the crap out of people?
Chopper.He's just too cute!!!Plus, he's an amazing doctor.Rumble ball 4 the win!
Robin.She has an awesome power and can read ancient languages!
Franky.He's totally boss!He's a cyborg!!!Who wouldn't to be a human weapon???
Brook.He a skeleton with an Afro!Plus, he's a swordsman and an awesome musicain!
Kizaru. A man who can sposta at light speed and control all aspects of light...
Ace. A fuoco Man!! And Luffy's big brother! he is stronger than Luffy!
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