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this is my 1 º video of this type:) the song it's nobody's perfect da Jessie j I hope that te like
Monster High
abeey abominable
jessie j
nobody´s perfect
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After what happened on Halloween deuce and cleo got back together , clawd and draculaura still dated, gill and lagoona are reunited once more, abbey and heath gets together but clawdeen stays single pretty much on her delight jackson rejects claire which was a "heat-of-the-moment".

claire didn't take the news badly as she states apology that she was using him to get chad jealous. they remained friends.

At the hyde/jekyll residence
jackson decided to make a pact to his counterpart.
jackson held his i-coffin firmly he turned it to a video set where he could start a conversation with holt.
"well clair...
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So people have requested for me to make my superiore, in alto five boy characters articolo since I made a superiore, in alto five girl characters. Well, here it is. Enjoy!!!

5. Deuce Gorgon

I know what you're thinking: Cleo is my preferito character! But I don't like Deuce that much. But he made to my superiore, in alto five. Deuce Gorgon is friendly and outgoing, and very confident, making him one of the most popolare monsters around Monster High. He loves sports and is one of the captains of the casketball team. He also loves cooking, but he tries to keep it a secret. He is very loyal to his girlfriend Cleo de Nile (my favorite!) and tolerates...
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